It's time to make peace with periods 

 “Women have long been fighting periods - fighting the world to recognize it as any other natural process, and fighting themselves to deal with it every month. We think this battle needs to be over, and periods deserve to be seen in a different light. This is what we aim to do with Elize - to give periods the attention it never got, and to make women feel absolutely gorgeous and comfortable with their periods.”

Elize Sanitary Pads



Why is a product that touches our body continuously for four to seven days every month just made to serve the purpose? Why hasn’t there been an attempt to make us feel good and proud of it?

Why has menstrual hygiene remained a sidelined part of a woman’s health and lifestyle which is filled with experiences like the fanciest of lingerie and the most soothing of body washes?

Why does the market not offer a single product that caters to all our menstrual hygiene needs?

Why are sanitary napkins still packed in black polythenes in pharmacies and shops and sold to ladies?

Why are educated and independent women still uncomfortable to leave their packet of sanitary napkins lying around in the open?

How we choose to answer the Why?

By creating a product that caters to all the menstrual hygiene needs - Superior absorption, comfortable shape, skin-friendly material, easy disposal, and never having to run out of pads

By transforming the experience of using a menstrual hygiene product - Elegant and sophisticated packaging, travel-friendly design, and attention to intricate details
"Elize is an endeavor to transcend the boundaries built around menstrual hygiene care in India. We strive to deliver an exceptional product to all women, and an experience that makes them celebrate their bodies in every phase."