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What is the composition of Carmesi pads?

How often do I change a Carmesi pad?

Are Carmesi pads skin-friendly?

What are the lengths of the two types of pads Carmesi offers?

Why should I use a natural sanitary pad?

Are Carmesi pads biodegradable. If yes, how long does it take to biodegrade?

How to use a Carmesi pad?

Are the wrappers Carmesi pads are enclosed in biodegradable?

How to use the disposal bags?

Are the disposal bags provided by Carmesi biodegradable?

When do I receive the Storage Box?

Can I buy a Storage Box separately?

Order Cancellation

I placed an order by mistake. How do I cancel my order and get a refund?

I cancelled my order but did not receive the refund. What should I do?


My order has not been delivered. What should I do?

Are there any shipping charges?


How do I return my order?

The order I received was damaged. How do I get a replacement for the same?