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Carmesi Sensitive Sanitary Pads | Rash-Free | Plant-based

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We made this sanitary pad because we understand how rashes can be a constant worry during periods. Well, worry no more!
  • Certified 100% Rash-Free: India's only pad to be certified 100% rash-free by Gynaecologist.
  • Plant-Based Top-Sheet: Made of plant-based material, which is naturally soft and doesn’t cause painful rashes.
  • Incredibly Thin & Comfortable: So thin that you can totally forget the uncomfortable feeling of sitting on a bulky pad!
  • Wide Wings for Extra Protection: The wide wings safeguard you from leakage, allowing you to go about your activities without any worry of stains.
  • Resealable Disposal Bags: Dispose of sanitary waste responsibly with the resealable bag. Simply enclose the used pad in it and seal it back again for hygienic and hassle-free disposal.
  • Extra-Soft Wings: The wings are super-soft, thereby protecting you from thigh chafing and, in turn, rashes.

  • Top-sheet of pad - Corn fiber 
  • Middle-sheet of pad - Super-absorbent material 
  • Back-sheet of pad - Breathable plastic sheet 
  • Wrapper - Plastic 
  • Disposal Bag - Oxo-biodegradable material 
  • Packaging - Paper
  • Step 1: Remove the fresh sanitary pad from the resealable disposal bag. 
  • Step 2: Open up the plastic covering to release the pad. 
  • Step 3: Peel off the paper backing to expose the adhesive. 
  • Step 4: Place the adhesive side on the inner gusset of your panty so that it sticks there. 
  • Step 5: Peel off the sticker from the wings and wrap them around the outer side of your panty gusset. Then, secure it firmly. 
  • Step 6: After using the sanitary pad, peel it off of your panty and put it in the resealable disposal bag. 
  • Step 7: Seal back the bag and throw it in your bin for safe and hygienic disposal.

Sanitary hygiene essentials are very intimate and delicate for any woman, and ensuring the sanctity of our products is paramount to us. We consider any returned goods compromised in quality, and therefore do not accept returns. However, should you be facing any issue with the product, we would be glad to assist you with it.

What’s the composition of Carmesi Sensitive sanitary pads?

The top-sheet of Carmesi Sensitive is made of Corn Fiber, which is naturally soft and rash-free, and is compostable.

The middle layer is made of an absorbent polymer. It absorbs and retains the flow to make you feel clean, dry, and hygienic.

The bottom layer is made of breathable plastic. This saves your skin from feeling suffocated and uncomfortable.

How often do I change a Carmesi pad?

Like any other sanitary pad, a Carmesi pad is advised to be changed every 6 hours to maintain proper hygiene and comfort.

Are Carmesi pads skin-friendly?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, they have been specially designed to be extremely sensitive to the skin. We have created Carmesi using the finest plant-based ingredients so that women experience no irritation or rashes. The top layer of Carmesi pads (of both our ranges) is made of corn fiber. Corn fiber is naturally very soft and sensitive to the skin which gives you rash-free and comfortable periods.

What are the sizes of sanitary pads available?

For Carmesi Sensitive- These pads are available in three different sizes- Large (290 mm), XL (330 mm), and XXL (360 mm). All the sizes have wide wings at the back, for better coverage and protection.

How to use a Carmesi pad?

First, draw the sanitary pad from the resealable disposal bag. Then, release the paper backing to expose the adhesive, and place the pad on your underclothes so that the adhesive sticks to the underwear. Finally, wrap the wings of the sanitary napkin around the underside of your underwear to secure it firmly.

How to use a disposal bag?

Every Carmesi sanitary napkin comes in a resealable disposal bag. Draw the fresh pad from the disposal bag, and then enclose the used pad inside it. Seal the bag again, and dispose it of for hygienic & hassle-free disposal.

What’s the absorption capacity of Carmesi Sensitive pads?

The absorption capacity of our pads varies with their sizes. The absorption chart for Carmesi Sensitive is as follows:

Large Pads - Up to 80 ml

XL Pads - Up to 100 ml

XXL Pads - Up to 120 ml

Why do the Carmesi pads have a wider back?

All the sizes of both the ranges of our sanitary pads have a wider back to provide extra coverage and keep you completely safe from any kind of leakage. It also works very well during the night and allows you to have a comfortable and carefree sleep.

How does a natural top sheet help?

The conventional sanitary pads available in the market which are made of plastic and harsh chemicals come directly in contact with your skin and cause uncomfortable rashes and infections. However, the pads with a top-sheet made of good quality natural ingredients give you the goodness of nature and do not expose your skin to any harmful chemicals. It not just gives you a naturally soft and comfortable feel but saves you from painful rashes and infections as well.

Are Carmesi pads dermatologically tested?

Yes, our sanitary pads have been dermatologically tested in a reputed lab and certified to be completely safe and non-irritant to the skin.

What’s the compositional difference between Carmesi Eco-Conscious and Carmesi Sensitive?

Carmesi Eco-Conscious: Carmesi Sensitive

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Customer Reviews

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Best product ever

i used this pads from seeing on instagram,and it works ,smooth base and very comfortable and good packing easy to use

Best Pads ever!

I have stopped using other brands, carmesi pads are super soft and comfy.

Sabina Maroof

Very nice

Rupali Joshi
Rating the best pads

Hi team carmesi,
Thanks for introducing the most comfy pads ever.
Women faces lots of problm during this period of time n you just solved the one of biggest problem by giving the cushion in form of pads. So good pads,soft , comfy, perfect size & most important thinest one
Thank you carmesi😀

Kavitha Natesan

Carmesi Sensitive Sanitary Pads | Rash-Free | Plant-based