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How to Use Face Razor - Best Face Razor for Women

It states in the books that famous, beautiful women throughout history have shaved their faces. The list includes legends like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. While we can’t go back in time and ask them for tips, it’s a good thing that many women today prefer shaving their face over other hair removal methods. 

This article draws from their experience to curate a guide to the best face shaving practices.

Does facial shaving only remove peach fuzz for women?

Every woman has one or both forms of facial hair. These are:

  • Vellus hair - Also known as the peach-fuzz, this is near-invisible to the naked eye and has a translucent appearance. It regulates the temperature and evaporates sweat.
  • Terminal hair -This is the darker and thicker growth usually found along the cheeks, upper and lower lips, chin, neck and the sideburn area. Shaving removes both kinds of hair, though very thick growth is best removed in other methods due to the possibility of leaving an unpleasant greenish tint behind. And, apart from removing hair, facial shaving for women also exfoliates the skin to get rid of dead skin cells.

How to use face razor?

The steps are more or less the same as normal shaving, but slight tweaks can help you achieve better results and avoid unwanted nicks and razor bumps.

  • Use a gentle cleanser - Before shaving, you must first wash your face to get rid of dirt, debris and to some extent, dead skin. But, instead of a chemical face washing cream or gel, try to use a mild homemade cleanser or a natural one to avoid any skin irritation.
  • Hydrate with lukewarm water - Even though this step is not necessary, it will give you better results. Pat your face with a towel wet in lukewarm water. This will soften the hair follicles, allowing you to shave better.
  • Use a shaving gel for best results - Although many people endorse shaving your face dry for better exfoliation, this also causes more friction, increasing your chances of nicks and irritation. Using a shaving gel will help deflect friction.
  • Choose your blade carefully - It is generally recommended to use a very sharp blade for shaving. While it may be suitable for many women with very clear and not so sensitive skin, if you have mild bumps on your face or your skin is on the sensitive side, try going for a blade that is neither too sharp, nor blunt. A perfect example of this is the Carmesi Face Razor for Women. It prevents any unwanted cuts, redness or itching.
  • Wash or sanitize your blade - Before beginning to shave, make sure you are using a clean blade free from germs. Wash or sanitize the blade to avoid any chance of infection. Do it more thoroughly if you are reusing the same razor.
  • Shave at the right angle - Tilt the blade at a 30 or 45-degree angle against your face and place it lightly on your skin. Use brisk, light strokes and shave the hair in its direction of growth to avoid ingrown hair and razor bumps. Use the other hand to hold your skin taut to avoid cuts.
  • Rinse and apply a moisturizer - Use clean water to get rid of the loose hair on your face and use a mild moisturizer or aloe vera gel to prevent skin irritation. Avoid using products with alcohol or strong ingredients like retinol and glycolic acid immediately after shaving. This will prevent allergic reactions.

When should you avoid shaving your face?

Shaving facial hair has been a common practice for women throughout the ages. While sayings like hair will grow back thicker after shaving are myths, there are also some cases where you should avoid shaving.

  • Active acne - If you have clusters of active acne present on your face or even a considerate number of pimples, you should consider other hair removal alternatives that will not irritate your acne.
  • History of allergic reactions - If you’ve had allergic reactions in the past due to shaving, it is advisable to look for other alternatives.

Best Face Razor for Women in India

Choosing the right razor is one of the most important steps to begin your face shaving journey. When starting out, it is important to select a razor that has an anti-slip grip and blade of zig-zag pattern which is ideal for accurate shaving.

The Carmesi Face Razor for Women is perfect for beginners. It gets rid of facial hair effectively with curved blades meant to precisely target individual hair for a flawless finish. The blades are sharp, but not extremely, which allows for instant results without the fear of nicks and cuts.

The bottom line?

Shaving is actually a great hair removal method that suits almost every woman. So yes, ladies. You can shave! Just be careful and follow the right method, and you will most likely keep coming back. After all, who isn’t constantly on the lookout for painless methods to remove hair?

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