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How to Measure Your Cervix for a Menstrual Cup |  Cervix Height

How to Measure Your Cervix for a Menstrual Cup | Cervix Height


What is the cervix?

If you insert your finger inside your vagina, you will notice a small ring of flesh at the end of your vaginal canal that is around 3 cm in diameter. This marks the opening of your uterus and has a tiny opening to allow menstrual blood to pass through and for sperm to enter inside.

The cervix can typically feel like the tip of your nose with a small opening at the end. It usually varies in firmness based on your menstrual cycle, state of arousal and pregnancy and is capable of dilating up to 10 cms during labour.

What purpose does it serve?

The cervix serves many beautiful functions that keep the female body functioning healthily. It serves as an opening from the uterus to let menstrual blood pass outside and also as a gateway to allow sperm to reach inside.

If you become pregnant, the cervix creates a mucus plug around the opening to serve as a shield from most bacteria and viruses.

Why does cervix size matter for a menstrual cup?

If you thought size only mattered for clothing, then you couldn’t be more wrong. When it comes to menstrual cups, the height of your cervix will determine the length of your vaginal canal. This, in turn, will indicate the cup size you require that will be suitable to collect your menstrual blood without leaking or being uncomfortable.

It is important that your menstrual cup sits right below your cervix in order to collect the flow, while also being able to fit snugly inside your vagina. Measuring your cervix and knowing how it aligns with the available cup sizes is important for a comfortable fit. If you’re considering buying a new menstrual cup, try the Carmesi Menstrual Cup which is so soft and comfortable that you will forget you’re on your period.

Your cervix height varies throughout your cycle

Your hormonal cycle plays an important role in affecting your cervix height and firmness. You are most fertile around your ovulation time and this can make your cervix increase in height and become softer. When you are about to bleed or are on your period, your cervix can lower down and become more firm.

You will also find that your cervix height will vary throughout your period, affecting your decision of choosing the right cup size. You can measure your cervix at different intervals of your period to determine which cup is most likely to fit you throughout your period.

How to measure your cervix ?

It is not very difficult to measure the height of your cervix as long as you’re comfortable with your fingers getting blood on them. While you can measure your cervix when you’re not bleeding, it is best to measure it when you’re on your period to get an accurate measurement of the cup size you should be using. Follow the steps below to successfully measure your cervix:

  • Wash your hands - It is recommended that you do not have long nails while measuring your cervix as it can possibly injure you from within. But, if you do have nails, make sure they are clean even from the underside. Wash your hands thoroughly to eliminate any germs.
  • Find a comfortable position - Either squat down or put one leg up on the toilet seat to find the position you feel most comfortable in. If you are scared of making a mess, do it in the shower so you can easily wash off any blood involved.
  • Insert a finger - Either pick your longest finger or the one you’re most comfortable with and insert it into your vagina to see how far it goes. When your finger hits a soft roof-like structure that it cannot push past, know that you’ve reached your cervix. Further, you can feel a dip or opening that can confirm that you’ve hit the cervix and not just your vaginal wall.
  • Use a ruler - Use your thumb to mark how much the used finger could go inside and measure the length against a ruler. You might wonder what the need for using a ruler is, but it is an important step because everyone has different finger lengths and you can only be sure of your cervix height if you use a uniform ruler.

    Once you have your cervix length figured out, you can move on to choose the menstrual cup that suits you best.

    Do you require professional help?

    You can very easily measure your cervix length by yourself at home and generally do not require professional help. But, if you feel that your results will be more accurate if measured by a doctor, you can opt to visit a gynaecologist to get your cervix measured

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