Hacks that Help You Reverse The Damage Caused Due to Bleaching Your Hair

Hacks that Help You Reverse The Damage Caused Due to Bleaching Your Hair

Quick tips to bring your dry and fragile bleached hair back to life

You indeed love to sport the stylish all-blonde look, don’t you? While it is incredibly fashionable and complements your beauty, it causes more harm than good. Bleaching your locks can result in compromised and weaker strands and round, dry texture. Resulting in increased attention towards the daily hair care regime.

If you are looking for ways to retain your hair colour’s brightness while helping you keep them hydrated, worry no more. Before that, let’s understand why bleaching your hair leads to an added task in your daily hair care regime.


The Bleach Effect

When you bleach your hair, alkaline agents work to swell and open your hair cuticles. Once these hair cuticles expand, these alkaline agents penetrate into the hair’s cortex and help dissolve melanin. This pigment provides colour to the hair and the skin.

However, for breaking melanin down, bleach has to tear down the fatty acids present in your hair shaft, leading to brittle hair. And in the process, the hair cuticles keep expanding to the point where they cannot hold any nutrients together. This leads to an exposed hair cortex, susceptible to hair problems like split ends, making your tresses look unhealthy.


Hacks to Renourish Your Bleached Hair Effectively

While repairing your damaged hair can be tricky, it is not impossible. By implementing a few simple tips and hair care treatments in your hair care regime, you can reverse the damage caused to them while bleaching. The hacks to help you start your hair renourishment journey are:


Refrain From Washing Your Hair

During the initial three weeks of your bleach treatment, the hair is fragile and prone to damage. Therefore, washing your hair once in 4 days and using a shower cap on your no-wash days can help. And using shampoo strips away the natural oils and nutrients required for maintaining good hair health even further. Incorporating a dry shampoo into the hair care kit can help multiple folds.


Invest in Detangling products

Hair Damage from bleaching and hair colour can be difficult to comb through. And, if you try to force a brush through these tangled tresses, it might grab all the knots and pull them down to cause exponential hair loss. Therefore, it is always beneficial to invest in hair detangling products to avoid such a situation, especially for bleached and coloured hair.


Purple Shampoos and Conditioners

While many products work to help maintain coloured and bleached hair, they are not effective in repairing the damage caused. We suggest using purple shampoo or conditioner to revive your dry and rough locks. 

As the name suggests, these shampoos and conditioners are purple in colour and help in keeping blonde hair from looking too yellow, orange or brassy. Purple shampoos and conditioners also contain ingredients that target and aid to solve specific hair issues caused by bleaching and colouring hair.


Olaplex Works Great on Bleached Hair

While hair spas can have rejuvenating and replenishing effects on hair, most have no visible effects in the longer run. Also, keratin smoothening does not dramatically reduce the damage caused to hair by bleaching. In such cases, newer and advanced hair treatments like Olaplex can help. Olaplex is a system that permanently rebuilds the damaged bonds caused due to bleaching hair cuticles.


Leave-in Conditioners Add Shine to the Hair

Using a conditioner only during the shower is insufficient for hair damaged from bleaching. Using leave-in conditioners can help; they are lightweight and don’t require rinsing after application. They also add additional protection and shine to your vulnerable hair stands that are damaged due to colouring them.


The Pre-Highlight Oil Treatment

Applying coconut oil or hair oil to your hair before bleaching or colouring them protects your hair strands and scalp from burns and damage caused by bleach. Apply and keep your hair oiled an hour before bleaching them, and bleach them while still oiled. Covering the hair with oil and leaving the oil overnight works best.


Oiling is the Only Constant

As discussed earlier, oiling your hair before bleaching them can help reduce the burns and damage caused. Besides that, using oils after colouring your hair is also essential. They are known to be highly nourishing for your locks and can help keep the natural moisture barrier of your hair intact. Therefore, oils are the only constant to help you revive your healthy and shiny hair after bleaching them.


Whether you are exploring the world of hair colour or are looking for something that caters to your over-bleached locks, these hacks mentioned above can help you out. These hacks can also add more nutrition and nourishment to your already efficient hair care routine. So, why wait any further? Welcome blonde hair with zero worries and the necessary care, and the protection that it needs.

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