Lifestyle and Libido: Everything you need to know

Lifestyle and Libido: Everything you need to know

Are you seeking professional help for improving your sex life and libido? Do you know how a little shift in your lifestyle can have a significant effect on your libido? Yes, that’s right!  Libido in humans is influenced by many psychological and biological factors. And our day-to-day habits and activities play a key role in keeping these factors in check, thus improving our libido.

7 lifestyle focal points to enhance your libido:

  1. Physical Activeness: Being physically active is very different from being active sexually. You might go for a marathon in bed but that doesn’t promise an on-road marathon for you. However, the vice-versa is often true. Having a physically active lifestyle keeps you fit and gives the push that your body requires. People who experience fatigue, cramps, disinterest in intercourse are often physically dull and do not exercise regularly.

  2. Smoking Kills, Slowly: Nicotine has been identified as a killer by institutions across the globe. There have been many disadvantages associated with smoking. One of them being its impact on blood vessels in your body, which in turn impacts your intercourse experience. According to multiple studies who are regular smokers experience erectile dysfunction and have reported going low on sex drive.
  1. Focus on Your Diet and Water Consumption: Imbibing a healthy diet and sticking religiously to your daily water intake level add to a healthy sex life. The right food means proper digestion and an appropriate level of water consumption regulates everything- intestines, blood, kidneys, etc. Keeping yourself hydrated is an open secret that helps people to enjoy intercourse.
  1. Check Your Alcohol Intake: Limiting your intake of alcohol has a direct impact on your libido. A little amount of alcohol is good for your body, especially for blood circulation. However, abusing yourself with alcohol adds to various issues like heart diseases, cancer, anxiety etc.
  1. Watch Your Sleeping Patterns: Taking your beauty sleep regularly is a sign of a healthy lifestyle. It has incredible effects on both your physical and mental being. Even if you are not able to have the required sleep at night, make sure that you take powerful naps between the day to keep yourself healthy. And of course, it has a positive impact on your libido.
  1. Know If Caffeine Adds to Your Libido: Caffeine has been identified to have a negative impact on the blood. While many people suggest the intake of caffeine in a small amount, others stand by alternatives like green tea. Research also shows that some chocolates, which contain caffeine, adds to your libido and enhances your sex drive. Although caffeine does not necessarily degrade your libido, consuming it in limited quantities is advised.
  1. Rely on Conversations With Your Partner: The most important lifestyle change is being open and proactive with your partner when it comes to conversations. We often assume that a good libido or a satisfying life is all about being physically sound. However, many studies have shown that having a deep understanding of what your body needs and acknowledging what your partner expects out of the intimacy are great indicators of how happy you are with your sexual experiences.

What else can you do to improve libido?

  1. Masturbation: Another aspect of libido, which we often ignore is people’s indulgence in healthy masturbation. Your body is not just to establish a bond with another. You must always spend time with your body and watch your body grow. As you are aware of the changes your body undergoes or you start asking yourself if you enjoy a certain engagement, that is when you attain a level of awareness, which definitely affects your lifestyle and libido. 
  1. Talk it out: Don’t shy away from receiving suggestions from people who you trust. Be confident of tackling such questions when a younger one in the family shares his or her concerns with you. After all, there is no harm in sharing what you know and have experienced as well as learning from others’ experiences.

A great sex life is not about the duration, nor it is about how aggressive you are in bed. It is also not about the number of children you give birth to. Everything reduces down to what shape you are physically and mentally in to indulge in intercourse and how much you enjoy the process with your partner. Remember, healthy masturbation also indicates the state of your libido and it must never be ignored.

 Nonetheless, having intercourse frequently is nowhere a yardstick of glorifying your libido. You might be healthy, happy, thriving and you might possess an outstanding libido and still choose to not be sexually active. It all depends on the choice you make. And working on your body, knowing what it wants, and making a choice for its growth is what you must stand by today!

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