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What to Eat to Get Periods - How to Get Regular Periods?
This article is about a diet plan. But not of the kind that makes aunties smirk and say ‘Oooooh! She’s dietiiiiing!’ This plan helps you lose anxiety. The key to maintaining a regular period is Hormonal Balancing.
Nutrition & Body Positivity
 Our culture is seemingly obsessed with washboard abs and skinny waists that seem too good to be true. These perceived ideals of beauty have taken over our lives, so much so that nutrition and being fit have almost always been ignored.
Seed Cycling - What is it, Working & Benefits
As the name suggests, Seed Cycling is all about consuming a variety of seeds at different times of the month to balance certain hormones in your body. A naturopathic remedy, Seed Cycling helps in regulating estrogen in the first half of your menstrual cycle, and...
Why Is Protein Important In Your Diet? Find The Right Kind Of Protein
In the age of svelte bodies and washboard abs, high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets are the hottest trend. Every fitness-conscious person wants a slice of protein in their food! So, let’s try and understand what’s the power of protein!
Breastfeeding & Menstruation | What You Need to Know
Pregnancy sure comes with its own set of shenanigans, but the one joy it definitely brings is a break from your period cycle. But did you know that your periods will take a while to return even after childbirth? 
The Fad of Crash Diets
We belong to a generation that believes in everything ‘instant’ – be it their coffee, meals, or even weight loss. While it does take incessant episodes of binge eating or repeated unhealthy habits to pile on all that weight, almost everyone wants to shed this flab instantly... 
Healthy Foods for Glowing Skin
You could invest in expensive cosmetics or get frequent skin and hair treatments. If your body does not receive adequate nourishment, it’s a lost cause. The solution to your beauty needs is much closer home.