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What to Eat to Get Periods - How to Get Regular Periods?
This article is about a diet plan. But not of the kind that makes aunties smirk and say ‘Oooooh! She’s dietiiiiing!’ This plan helps you lose anxiety. The key to maintaining a regular period is Hormonal Balancing.
Heavy Menstural Bleeding - Causes, Symptoms & Treatments
Menorrhagia, commonly referred to as heavy menstrual bleeding, is known to affect one in every five women all over the world. It lasts for a duration of 7 days or more, and...
Menorrhagia - What is it, Reasons & Treatment
Periods are one tiresome experience. Not only do they cause intense stomach cramps and bleeding, but also seem to trigger a series of other bodily changes like mood swings and weird food craving. And that is not all...
Period Pain: Is it Real?
Last year, Zomato, a food delivery service in India, sparked conversation when it allowed paid menstrual leave to all its female and transgender employees. According to this rule, Zomato provided a 10-day period leave per year and this was done to break the stigma...
The 'To NOT Do' Period List
Periods are not a happy time of the month. It’s stressful, painful, emotionally turbulent, and physically excruciating. Which is why, we have compiled a list of what not to do during your periods to make them sail smoother.
Q&A on Cervical Cancer
The number of women suffering from Cervical Cancer has seen a steady rise in the past few years. Keeping in mind the seriousness of this issue, we spoke directly to a gynecologist to get a better understanding of this disease.
Reading into the Reds
Menstruation, although widely despised, can offer a deep insight into one’s health. Like our routine tests, the color of our period blood is also an indication of what our body’s trying to tell us.
Endometriosis - What is it, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment
Endometriosis is a complicated condition in which an abnormal tissue growth develops outside the uterus. The tissue or the lining that is present inside the uterus is known as endometrium. But, if the similar...