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Period Cravings - Best Period Comfort Food Recipes
Do the rains make you crave for a hot plate of samosa and chai? Are you one of those people who cannot watch a movie without a huge bag of popcorn? Do you fill your pantry with loads of junk food right before your periods? If yes...
Managing PMS Cravings
You might be a fitness-conscious person who sticks to healthy food and follows an exercise regime, but when PMS wreaks havoc, it’s hard to stay focused. Celery and carrot sticks give way to humungous bowls of pasta or ice-cream, and you end up feeling miserable...
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) - What is it, Causes & Treatment

I can feel myself falling into a deep well of sadness. I burst into tears over the smallest things and sometimes, for nothing at all. I feel alone, depressed, unloved, unhappy and consumed by dark, miserable thoughts.