Things to do AFTER Sex

Things to do AFTER Sex

We all know what we need to do before and during sex to make the pleasure last long. But not all people are aware of what to do next. What generally follows is cuddling up with your partner and dozing off. However, it is important to keep in mind certain things post sex to keep your sexual health in check. 

Below are a few important things you should do:


Better not to Douche

Females may want to clean their vagina with water after sex which is called douching. But it would help if you avoided it as it can cause infection. This is because bacteria protects your vagina, and if you apply water or any other fluid, it may create bacterial imbalance. So it is better to leave the vagina as it is post-sex. Also, you may feel a mild smell coming out of the vagina after sex which is normal.


Good to empty your bladder

At the time of sex, there are chances of outside particles such as bacteria and other molecules entering the urethra, the urinary tube. It may increase the chance of urinary tract infection. So when you pee, the harmful particles flush out. It is better to pee even if you do not feel so. You can drink a glass of water before sex, enjoy the cuddle with the partner, and then head to the washroom. 


Clean Your Sex Toys

There may be bacteria, viruses, and fungi on the toys once you have used them. It may risk you with the spread of infection. Experts suggest cleaning the toys post-sex, and if you are eager to use the toys with others, better to cover them with the new condom whenever you use it. 


Wear clean clothes post sex

While enjoying sex and being intimate with your partner, you may not care much about your clothes. There are chances of stains of blood fluid on your clothes. It would help if you changed your underwear and your clothes before they developed any bacteria. It would help to put the bedsheets in the wash as there may be harmful particles on them. 

Wearing loose-fitting clothes is also good as they let air in. Male and females both can wear cotton underwear as it can absorb moisture and is breathable. Females should avoid wearing tight underwear.


Wash Your Hands

During sex, you may have touched your or your partner’s genitals. In such cases, washing hands is best to prevent bacteria from spreading. You must clean your hands with soap and water. Also, post-sex makes this step a routine. 


Soak yourself in the bathtub

Couples can relax and prevent the infection from spreading while getting soaked in the bathtub. You can add extra virgin oil to the water so that your skin gets hydrated. It helps in soothing up vaginal swelling. For better results, you must soak yourself in warm water.


Note down the changes, if any

Yeast infections are possible in both males and females. Suppose you face any changes in your body like sensations, lesions, bumps. Itching, thick white discharge from the penis or vagina or burning sensation, note it down. If such issues stay for long or you feel discomfort, get in touch with your doctor. 


Avoid scented products and take a full shower

Pharmacies market various products which can keep you fresh post-sex. But these are gimmicks. 

The sprays or wipes they sell are made of harsh chemicals that are not suitable for your skin. It would help if you also avoided tampons that are scented. It is better only to have a full shower or clean yourself with a wet towel. 

Check the condom breakage

You may not want to get pregnant. If you have used a condom and are feeling suspicious, check if there is any breakage in the condom. There are chances the condom may slip off during intercourse. In such cases, you can take contraceptive pills and also keep a check on your periods. 

Have pro-biotic food post sex

Eating fermented food items like yogurt and kimchi after sex can help replenish the good bacteria of your body. Your vagina has similar bacteria to the one present in yogurt. Try it and prevent yourself from any infection.

Bottom Line

It is fun to cuddle with your partner and have sex. However, you should also follow the above checklist once you are done with sex. This will prove beneficial in keeping your partner and you healthy for the long term. You may not feel like going out of bed or going back to sleep just after sex and miss the above steps. But these are necessary to prevent undesirable germs from entering your body.

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