Period Underwear: 10 Reasons to Switch to Period Panties

Period Underwear: 10 Reasons to Switch to Period Panties

Bleeding may be an inevitable part of your life, but the discomfort doesn’t have to be. While treating PMS requires a different approach, period underwear can solve the more tangible sides of menstruation - the uncomfortable feeling of wetness, the fear of leaks and the rashes from synthetic pads. It can also help you sleep like a baby!


What is period underwear?

A feminine hygiene product designed to manage menstruation, period underwear is worn like regular underwear but is made to have an absorption capacity like pads. You simply need to slip on the Carmesi Disposable Overnight Underwear and go to sleep.

It will give you 360-degree protection against leaks, no matter how much you move around in bed. And, the best part? It feels just like regular underwear - comfy and snug! Its ultra-absorbent core also ensures you remain dry.


10 Reasons To Switch to Period Panties

If you’re not yet convinced about the switch, here are 10 reasons that may change your mind:

  • They go with your lifestyle - Period panties suit all kinds of lifestyles - be it an active-always-on-the-hike one or the sitting-at-your-chair-sipping-coffee kind. What’s best is the convenience of it all. Simply slip it on and go about your day, or fall asleep at night. No stressing about leaks or an uncomfortable, wet feeling.
  • They’re easy to use - Other period products still involve a few steps and a few extra minutes in the washroom, no matter how simple. But, with period panties, all you need to do is slip it on - just like regular underwear - and forget about it.
  • They’re very comfortable - If you’re always on the lookout for making your period just a little more comfortable, you’re in luck! With period underwear, it can’t get any more comfortable. You simply wear it like regular underwear, and it even feels the same. It’ll keep you dry and protected from leaks. Can it get any more comfortable than this?
  • They help you sleep better - You may be one of the vigilant sleepers with a flow on the heavier side. If you can relate to this, you may very well relate to the feeling of constant worry you feel subconsciously as you sleep - afraid of ruining your underwear and sheets. Period panties can help you sleep better because you no longer have to worry about leaks and, thus, get better sleep at night.
  • They guard you against stains - With 360-degree protection, it’s almost impossible to suffer from a leak while wearing period underwear. Your favourite sheets can rest in peace along with you because there’s no worry about staining.
  • They can be used as added protection - If you’re looking for some extra protection on the heavy flow days, you can just slip on a pair of period panties and go do your thing - even if it’s just sleeping! Any leaks can be absorbed better by your period panties than regular underwear.
  • They’re great for unpredictable flow - Even if you track your cycle regularly, your period can always visit you a little sooner or later than you expect. On the few days leading up to your period and for a few days after, you can wear period underwear for added protection and lessened anxiety.
  • They are not irritating to your vagina - If you have extremely sensitive skin down there, or tend to get easily irritated by other period products, period panties may come as a blessing to you. Because of their breathable and comfortable nature, they keep you dry and irritation-free throughout your period.
  • They let you feel more natural and confident - Being on your period can be an uncomfortable feeling that you may not want to highlight with other period products. Since period underwear feels just like regular underwear, but also helps you remain dry, your period days may very well start to feel just like regular days - making you feel more natural and confident.
  • They offer you protection for longer periods - You can wear disposable period underwear for longer periods of time without the risk of infections. This means you have to worry less about changing or emptying your period wear frequently!

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