Aphrodisiac Essential Oils - How to Use Aphrodisiac Essential Oils ?

Aphrodisiac Essential Oils - How to Use Aphrodisiac Essential Oils ?

What are Aphrodisiac Essential Oils?

Before we delve into how essential oils can boost your libido, let’s learn a bit about what they are. You must be aware that various parts of a tree have aromatic properties, like the flowers, fruits, leaves, grasses or the resins produced by the trees.

Aphrodisiac Essential oils are derived from the essence of these particular plant parts by a steam distillation method. The liquid obtained is extremely concentrated and highly evaporative, with an intense aroma.

Usually, one cannot apply essential oils directly to their bodies as they are highly concentrated and may damage the skin. They are mixed with carrier oils before application.

Can aromatherapy get you in the mood?

Aromatherapy is the holistic healing of the body and mind through the use of scents. Various physical and mental ailments can be treated by engaging the olfactory glands with the help of aromatic materials, including essential oils.

If you are stressed, physically ailing or in a difficult mood, it will affect your sex life. Essential oils have healing properties that can alleviate stress, anxiety and get you feeling more calm and happy. Some oils also help with physical ailments.

As the aroma of the oil travels through your nose, they engage with the limbic system of the body, which is the part of the brain that controls emotions, memory and behaviour among other things.

As you feel better, your mood is enhanced, which can help to make you feel aroused. Scent has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries as your nose plays an important role in boosting your libido. The pleasant smell from the oils, thus, will naturally help in increasing arousal.

How to use aphrodisiac essential oils ?

Now that you understand the importance of essential oils in your sex life, you may be wondering how exactly to use them. There is nothing complex, though, about the way in which these oils are to be used.


  • Inhale it - The best way to get yourself and your partner in the mood is to use a diffuser. You can purchase one from a store or online and all you have to do is pour the oil in the diffuser and enjoy the aroma. If you are planning to go solo, you can invest in a personal inhaler that you can easily carry around anywhere with you.
  • Apply topically - Another great way to use these oils is by applying them directly onto your skin by diluting them with carrier oils. You can apply them to your temples, neck or anywhere you desire.
  • Incorporate it during a sensual massage - What better way to get in the mood than engaging in a sensual massage? Use a massage oil infused with essential oils to enhance the experience and get into the mood.

    Best Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

    If you’re wondering which essential oils will truly crank up the heat, then here is the perfect list for you.

  • Lavender - Lavender essential oil is known for its mood-boosting properties. It has a calming effect on people and is amazing for trouble with anxiety, depression and stress-related issues. If you need to manage your stress levels before getting intimate, then lavender is a great choice for you.
  • Cinnamon - If you are looking for an oil that not only gets you in the mood but also aids with climaxing, then cinnamon essential oil is worth a try. Cinnamon is a warm spice that promotes blood circulation to the genitals, helping you feel more aroused and to orgasm more easily. Also, it is known to aid with the reproductive system. Win-win situation, anyone?
  • Clary Sage - Clary sage essential oil balances the hormone levels and calms the nervous system. Both are extremely important for great sex life. Hormonal balance is essential to maintain a healthy libido and you must be feeling calm in order to get in the mood.
  • Patchouli - If you are fond of earthy, woody smells, patchouli is a great choice for you. Armed with the ability to reduce anxiety, increase physical energy and boost desire, you can say goodbye to your inner inhibitions and get ready to ground and stabilize yourself before getting ready for the romp.
  • Ylang Ylang - Targeting the emotional, cardiovascular and hormonal systems at once, ylang ylang is one of the most powerful aphrodisiac essential oils out there. It targets the circulatory system for better blood flow and enhances the lovemaking experience. It is also great for menopausal women because ylang ylang helps with hot flashes.
  • Sandalwood - Sandalwood essential oil is infused with an excellent aroma that instantly calms your senses and makes sex feel even better. It keeps you feeling serene and in the moment with its woody, sweet aroma that is thoroughly relaxing and sensual.
  • Jasmine - Another great essential oil to boost your mood and calm your senses is jasmine. It is especially good for women and helps with increasing emotional intimacy with their partners. Jasmine oil helps with depression, anxiety and feelings of indifference, which can contribute to low libido.
  • Neroli - Neroli is a citrus essential oil that has excellent calming effects. It can aid with feelings of stress and anxiety and relax you, so you can get in the mood. It is also known for greatly increasing libido in women.
  • Orange Blossom - Another citrus essential oil that is great to set the mood is orange blossom. It is derived from the citrus flower and is perfect for getting you in the mood by helping you to feel more aroused and less inhibited.
  • Black Pepper - The oil derived from black pepper is a wonderful agent for calming anxiety and depression. It contains limonene, which has antidepressant properties. Usually, the best way to use this essential oil is to blend it with other oils like sandalwood, peppermint or cinnamon.


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