Argan Oil for Hair: Benefits and How to Use Argan Oil for Hair Effectively

Argan Oil for Hair: Benefits and How to Use Argan Oil for Hair Effectively

How Argan Oil flexes its benefits of Hair application

Argan oil is pulled out from kernels of the Argan trees in Morocco. For centuries, it has been a predominant ingredient in cooking, skincare, and hair care. Due to its highly positive effects on our health and varied usage methods, it is often referred to as ‘Liquid Gold’. So, let’s give this age-old and trusted ingredient a visit and learn about Argan Oil's benefits on hair.


Merits of Using Argan Oil for Hair

Loaded with fatty acids and antioxidants such as Vitamin E, argan oil is known to have numerous benefits for our hair and scalp. It can also help us protect against hair loss. This is a sneak peek at the beneficial properties of argan oil for hair and how to apply it.


Acts as a Conditioner and Moisturiser

Having fatty acids like linoleic acid and oleic acid at the core, it is widely known for its moisturising and conditioning properties on our skin and hair. Its vitamin E contents create a fatty layer on the hair and scalp, helping prevent dryness and frizz and boosting the natural shine. Argan oil is also known to lubricate the hair shaft and help you retain its natural moisture.


Improves Scalp Health

The antioxidant properties of argan oil can help reduce and prevent many hair and skin conditions. People suffering from psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis can see dramatic results due to its anti-inflammatory properties. While there is no concrete research about it, argan oil also has anti-fungal properties that can help fight dandruff sometimes.


Sun Protection

Women have been using argan oil to protect their skin from damage caused due to UVA and UVB radiation. This benefit also gets extended to the hair as it helps prevent them from drying and other damage caused by the sun's UV radiation. The antioxidant activity in argan oil can also help fight free radicals and prevent oxidative stress. 


Prevents the Damage Caused from Styling and Colouring

The medium-chain fatty acids in Agran oil help protect our hair from styling and washing. According to research, oils rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid and palmitic acid add a protective layer to the hair. This layer improves the combing force and prevents hair breakage caused by heat styling. 

Argan oil also helps reduce and prevent the formation of split ends resulting in thicker and healthier-looking hair. Another study observed reduced damage to Caucasian hair caused by hair dye after colour processing.


Argan Oil for Hair Loss

Though research specifically surrounding argan oil for hair loss is minimal, its scalp strengthening and hair breakage reducing properties hold firm ground. In a small research study, vitamin E, abundant in Agran oil, was observed to improve hair growth. The added antioxidants and nourishing fatty acids help keep the hair moisturised and damage-free.


How to Use Argan Oil for Hair Effectively?

To reap the optimal benefits of argan oil for hair, knowing the correct application method is essential. You can either directly apply argan oil, infuse it with other products or use products that contain Agran oil. The ways of application for argan oil are:


As a Hair Mask

A homemade argan oil hair mask is easy to prepare. Using pure argan oil can provide you with the maximum benefits. You can either use it in its pure essence or mix it with other carrier oils such as coconut or castor oil. The steps are:

  1. Apply some drops of argan oil into your hair and scalp.
  2. Adjust the amount based on the hair length.
  3. Massage your hair continuously for 10 mins and ensure they are covered in argan oil from roots to ends.
  4. Wrap the hair in a towel or hair wrap overnight.
  5. In the morning, wash your hair and style them as usual.


As Shampoos

While you can buy your hair shampoo infused with argan oil, making it at home is easy. The process to make your homemade argan oil shampoo is:

  1. According to the hair length, pour appropriate shampoo into your hand.
  2. Mix drops of argan oil to it.
  3. Rub until it is thoroughly mixed.
  4. Apply to your locks.
  5. Wash and rinse as usual.
  6. Repeat twice a week.


Oil Before Style

Using argan oil to smoothen your tresses and tone down their frizz can be effective. It can also protect hair from heat styling. Here’s how:

  1. Squeeze a few drops of argan oil into your palm.
  2. Gently apply to your clean, dry hair without massaging the scalp.
  3. Style as usual.

Conditioner Replacement

There is no harm in skipping on your usual conditioner for an argan oil conditioner. Using a leave-in conditioner infused with argan oil can help your hair. By following these steps, pure argan oil serves as an alternative to your regular over the counter conditioner.

  1. Wash your hair as you regularly do.
  2. Towel-dry your hair and ensure they aren’t dripping.
  3. Add drops of argan oil to your hand and apply the oil to your hair.
  4. Dry and style as usual.
  5. Repeat twice a week.

Thus, helping you get rid of all your hair related worries is the duty of the all-natural argan oil. It helps protect your long and shiny tresses from everyday damage and hair loss. So, without thinking twice, incorporate argan oil into your hair care routine and see thicker and fuller hair yourself.

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