Breast Development During Puberty: Common Questions And Answers

Breast Development During Puberty: Common Questions And Answers

Time flies, changes happen all around, you grow physically as a function of time and mentally to face the evolving world. Every soul born on earth deserves a healthy body to live in and that makes it essential to understand our body and the changes it goes through by the passage of time. Childhood and adulthood are two important phases in one’s life that are connected by the bridge of teenage where our body matures during the process of puberty.

Teen girls have a tougher time than boys during this procedure as they undergo physical changes such as breast development, the onset of the menstrual cycle, and the growth of body hair. Breast development causes a major difference in physical appearances which can lead to confusion and doubts and here are answers to some questions that can pop up in the minds of teen girls.

When Do My Breasts Start To Grow?

Breast development is a gradual procedure. It is an early physical change that indicates puberty. It can develop at any time from 7-13 years. The first sign will be the appearance of the breast buds, small lumps under the nipple. The darker area surrounding your nipple is called areola. 

Why do breasts Grow? Is it a painful process?

Puberty leads to the release of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone by ovaries which cause fat to accumulate and breasts to enlarge. Breast growth is a normal procedure and it can be painful for some of you and if the pain is uncontrollable then it is essential to take medical help.

Should I be concerned about uneven breasts?

Many teen girls feel insecure about uneven breasts but it is normal to have different breast sizes, positions, forms which are known as breast asymmetry and are commonly seen in women. There is nothing to be concerned about. Sometimes they start growing at an uneven pace. Sometimes they tend to keep that uneven shape.

What causes itchiness and stretch marks on the breasts?

Itchiness is caused due to dry skin or as a result of the development of breasts as part of puberty and usage of moisturizers can be a solution. The stretch marks are caused due to accelerated growth of that body part and pharmaceutical medicines under the recommendation of doctors can reduce them.

What are some tips for healthy breast development?

Our eating habits and daily routine plays an important role in building a healthy body. Daily exercising with a balanced diet will help to maintain a healthy weight. Staying hydrated and consumption of vitamins mainly vitamin D will help in keeping your health in check. Other than this, there is nothing specific that you can do to increase or decrease the rate at which they grow, because it is a natural process. Genetics can have an impact on your size. Pills, creams, exercise or massage cannot impact how they grow and can even cause some serious issues if overdone or misused. 

Can breast wear affect breast development? What are the things to be looked into while buying breast wear?

Breast wear does not affect breast growth but they provide support to the breast and protect the tissues. Wearing breast wear is very important, especially for teens for breast development. Wearing the right breast wear is very essential, therefore ensure that you buy the right size and the right material which makes you comfortable. There are different types of breast wear available in the market. Buy the one that best suits your body type and it is advisable to take the help of your mother or other elderly women. 

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When will breasts stop growing?

Breast development will stop when a girl completes puberty but it is also seen that there can be slight changes in size and shape of the breast even after 18 which is considered to be normal. The color of the nipples can change as we grow older. The shape and size of the nipple and breast will considerably change during pregnancy. Other than that, you will attain your maximum growth when puberty is over. 

Why is it important to do breast care? How to take care of your breast during the developing stage?

It is essential to spare time for yourself and take care of your body. Breast care is important to have healthy breasts.  Here are some of the ways in which you should care for your breasts: Only wash your breast with water, wash your hands well before you touch your body, wear comfortable breast wear, eat healthy and stay fit, always go for medical guidance in case of any difficulty. Consumption of alcohol and other drugs can affect the development of your body. During the stage of development, it is very much important to take off your breast for its healthy growth.

Teenage is a period of life filled with uncertainty but a little care for yourself by understanding the person you are and your body can make things different. It is normal for your body to undergo changes during this period and there is nothing to feel insecure about. Never compare yourself with others and your body never determines who you are. Treat your body like a temple because it is where your soul lives and make the best out of your teenage days.

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