Aphrodisiacs -  8 Easily Available Aphrodisiacs You Need to Try

Aphrodisiacs - 8 Easily Available Aphrodisiacs You Need to Try

What are aphrodisiacs?

If you have seen commercials and shows that flaunt foods like chocolates and strawberries as sex symbols, then you may have some idea of the fact that certain foods are said to make you “get in the mood” or increase your sexual performance. These types of consumables (food, drink or drugs) are known as aphrodisiacs.

If you are wondering where the term “aphrodisiac” came from, it’s time to look into the Greek vocabulary. Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of sexual love and beauty and the word aphrodisiac has its origin in this.

What are the most commonly promoted aphrodisiacs?

There are many widely available food items that have been promoted since time immemorial over books, media and plain old word of mouth. Even though there is little to no scientific evidence of these foods actually making a difference to your libido and performance, some people swear by them.

Some of these items include:

  • Chocolate - Promoted widely as an aphrodisiac for females, chocolates have been popular for a long time now. However, there is little evidence to suggest that it actually works.
  • Honey - Honey is a rich source of antioxidants, but there isn’t any evidence that it works on your libido.
  • Raw oysters - Even though many people swear by the effects of raw oysters aiding their sex life, there is no evidence to support these claims.
  • Bananas - There is no direct evidence of bananas being an aphrodisiac, however, it is a great source of potassium, which aids in the synthesis of testosterone. Both males and females can benefit from a boost in testosterone where their libidos are concerned.
  • Strawberries - There is absolutely no evidence that strawberries increase your sex drive, but it continues to be a popular sex symbol.

8 easily available aphrodisiacs you need to try that actually work

Looking for some real science-backed aphrodisiacs that can truly help you roll in the hay? Well, here are 8 proven and easily available foods you can try that can actually make a difference.

  • Indian ginseng (Ashwagandha) - In a 2019 study, it was found that consuming ginseng can naturally boost your sexual function by increasing your sexual arousal and alertness. It is extremely beneficial for women and is worth a try.
  • Warm spices - India is richly known for its variety of spices. Including readily available warm spices like cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg in your diet can help increase the blood flow to the abdominal and pelvic regions, thereby increasing natural vaginal lubrication and sexual pleasure.
  • Asparagus (Shatavari) - Sometimes, hormonal imbalance can cause lowered sex drive and introducing asparagus to your diet can help you gain vitamin B6 and folate, which can naturally boost your libido and help you have a better sex life.
  • Dates - Several studies swear by the aphrodisiacal qualities of this wonderful dry fruit. Dates are rich in amino acids, which can help increase your stamina and sexual desire. But, try not to eat too many dates since you can end up with diabetes in the process and there is nothing desirable about that.
  • Saffron (Kesar) - One particular study that was published in the British Journal of Pharmacology found that women who included about 30 mg of saffron in their diet every day for a period of 4 weeks stated that they noticed an increase in their libido and arousal. In fact, many women also reported experiencing less pain during sex when they incorporated saffron into their diet.
  • Fenugreek (Methi) - Women who suffer from a low sex drive reported in a particular study to have a boost in their libido when fenugreek was consumed. Saponin is a component in fenugreek that is known to boost estradiol (a particular type of estrogen in women) which increases natural vaginal moisture and blood flow to the vagina. This consequently helps in orgasming, which affect her vitality, sexual desire and level of arousal.
  • Tribulus terrestris (Gokhru) - Several studies conducted over a period of time has reported that consuming this plant greatly increases the likelihood of orgasming along with promoting vaginal lubrication in menopausal women and an increase in libido. It’s easily obtainable in India as it’s a plant that’s native to India and China.

  • Apples - Even though not a lot of tests have been conducted to establish a direct relation between apples and sexual desire, one study reported that women who consumed an apple per day reported an improved quality in their sex life. Apples have a lot of health benefits so it can’t be that far fetched that they may also have the capacity to help you in your sex life. After all, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. So, no harm in giving it a try, is there?

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