Tips For Facial Massage Without Using Any Tools

Tips For Facial Massage Without Using Any Tools

How To Massage Your Face Without Any Tools?

Facial massages are perhaps the best way of taking care of our skin and ensuring it looks youthful and radiant for a long amount of time. It is considered to be a powerful and effective tool to aid the relaxation of facial muscles and the increase of blood circulation to our face. But with the number of products lingering around in the market, is it really necessary to buy one? Not necessarily. Our fingers can work magic too. So here is how you can stimulate your facial muscles without the use of any tools. 


Why Is Facial Massage Important? 

Doing a facial massage with your fingers can not only improve your radiance but will also help you give a firmer, wrinkle-free face. Kneading or gently massaging the skin can improve blood circulation which helps in bringing more blood cells and oxygen to the skin thereby aiding a much better absorption of your skincare products. This process can also smooth forehead frown lines and reduce stress and headaches, which helps in minimizing frowning and the resulting wrinkles. 


How Can You Do Facial Massage Without Tools? 

Different face massage techniques help in tackling different problems like anti-aging, forehead lines, brightening, etc. But before we dive into these techniques, make sure you prep your face properly. To achieve that, wash your face properly and pour some facial oil or serum over your face so that the glide of your fingers while massaging your face is smooth. 


  • Face Brightening Massage: 

To be able to brighten your face and rejuvenate it, you should be able to drive out the toxins away from your face. The toxins from your face settle in the lymph nodes beneath your ear so undeniably, massaging this region can help release these toxins and build up near your face. To do this massage: 

    • Locate your lymph nodes under your ears to the side of your neck. 
    • Then massage from under your ears to the side of your throat using wide circular motions. 
    • Use the same circular motions to relax your face as well starting along the sides of your jaw, past the corners of your mouth, next to your nostrils, and over your cheekbones. 
    • Continue this massage towards your forehead and under your eyes to brighten up your dark circles as well. 
    • Repeat this process after 30 seconds. 


  • Lifting & Firming Face Massage: 

The idea of this massage technique is to ensure that your face keeps its youthful appearance as long as it can, Therefore, stimulating blood circulation across these areas and making sure your skin stays firm and tight is crucial. Here’s how you can carry out this massage: 

    • Applying upward pressure make tight circular motions near the corner of your mouth where the skin usually tends to drop.
    • From the apples of your cheeks to the end of your eyes, use light pressure and a forward-backward motion with your hands to massage them lightly. 
    • Then gently proceed to inch upwards to massage your eyes by using upward circular motions. Continue along the sides of your nose and brow lines
    • For forehead lines, massage your fingers vertically and then horizontally with both your hands. 
    • Repeat this process after 30 seconds and do it daily to see the results. 


  • Stress-Busting Massage: 

Massaging your muscles and knowing which ones to massage can help you to relax well under the touch. For this massage, you can also use a scented oil that can help in improving your mood or calming you down. This is how you do it: 

    • Press a little more firmly across your cheeks, sweeping under your ears down your throat and then up along your jawline. 
    • Press these four points carefully- along the sides of your jaw, past the corners of your mouth, next to your nostrils, and over your cheekbones. 
    • Then proceed to inch upward and massage your temples and forehead using circular motions. 
    • Gently move to massage your eyes by moving around the area in circular motions. 


  • For Wrinkles & Anti-aging: 

For facial massages that are directly targeted towards wrinkles or how to take care of anti-aging, here’s what you should be doing: 

    • Apply pressure to the center of your forehead and work it down until you reach the ends of your eyebrows. This will help to smooth down your forehead lines caused due to excess frowning. 
    • Apply pressure using your index fingers on your nose's bridge, right below the inner eyes for 5 seconds to cure crow's feet, another sign of aging. 
    • You can also massage your cheekbones, forehead, and chin using this two-finger technique to massage them in circular motions. 


Like most other DIY cosmetic treatments, this one will also work only and only if you do them regularly. However, it is possible to achieve that young-looking, fresh face by proper stimulation of your facial muscles. You will realize that once you start incorporating facial massages in your skincare daily, your skin texture will begin to improve.

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