Fall In Love With Your Freckles!

Fall In Love With Your Freckles!

Summers are approaching and while that can obviously mean a variety of things to your skin, it definitely means this is the right time to take care of and flaunt your freckles. It is a well-established fact that freckles have now transcended into our beauty community because they make a person’s skin look more natural and attractive. So while we are on this route of making the most of our natural, no-makeup makeup skin this summer, why not learn a little more about this bespeckled beauty? 


What Are Freckles? 

Freckles are smooth brown spots on the skin that occurs when our skin is regularly exposed to the sun. Unlike moles, they don’t form an indentation on the skin and are caused by the pigment melanin. All said and done, freckles are simply the result of having more melanin-active cells in the body. 

Furthermore, since it’s a condition caused by the sun, yes, anyone can get freckles. It’s just that the color may vary depending on the color of your skin or hair. However, genes can also play a huge part in the appearance of freckles. For most people, they can be seen on the skin as young as 2 and can also start disappearing when a person reaches adulthood. 


Why Do You Need To Take Care Of Your Freckles? 

Freckles are the result of sensitive skin that is exposed to the sun for too long. So, especially during sunnier months when the sun is ablaze, they might require some extra care. It can be said that freckles act as an indicator to tell you that your skin is sensitive to the sun and needs to be taken care of to prevent other harmful effects of the same. Therefore, it is vital that one knows how to take care of them. 


How To Take Care Of Freckles? 

Since the number one cause of freckles is the sun and your skin’s sensitivity towards it, the first step to taking care of your freckles is to try and avoid the harmful rays of the sun from directly hitting your face. Here’s how you can achieve that. 

  • Use A Good Sunscreen: 

A good sunscreen is usually the one that has an SPF of more than 50 and protects our skin against both UVA and UVB rays. This sunscreen needs to be applied 20 minutes before you step out in the sun so that the cream has had enough time to sit on your face. Make sure to reapply your sunscreen every 3-4 hours. 

  • Use A Mineral Sunscreen: 

Out of the two types of sunscreens, mineral sunscreens form a protective layer on the top of your skin surface preventing UV rays of the sun from entering the skin’s barrier. Chemical sunscreens on the other hand absorb these UV rays and then break them down. However, since freckled skin is as it is quite sensitive to sun exposure, using chemical sunscreen might not be the best fit. 

  • Don't Step Out In The Sun: 

If you think your skin is far too sensitive on a particular day or if the temperature just seems soaring, avoid stepping out in the sun from 11 am to 4 pm. Usually, this is the time that the sun’s UV rays are most damaging to the skin. Thus, ensure that your body remains cool in a way that more melanin activity in your skin is not triggered. 

  • Load Up On Anti-Oxidants: 

If you want to invest in a good skincare time this summer that can help you fade your tan lines and significantly help with your freckles, it’s Vitamin C. Vitamin C has the quality to brighten up your skin and helps in suppressing melanin cells to keep your freckles in check. Just make sure you are not missing out on it by applying it at least 2x a day. 

  • Exfoliate Regularly: 

One of the best ways to manage skin discoloration in summer is to exfoliate your skin. This will ensure that your face is ready for all its skincare products. Additionally, it can also help you get rid of the dull skin so that your freckles skin looks more radiant. You can use acids, at-home peels, gentle facial scrubs, dermaplaning, and sonic cleansing brushes. 


Makeup Hacks To Enhance Your Freckles

Your freckled skin is beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. So while our summers are all about the no-makeup makeup look, here's how you can bring your gorgeous freckles into this equation. 

  • Go For A Sheer Foundation: 

Sheer foundations mean that your freckles have more access to peek through it. This will allow your skin to have a uniformness to it without disturbing the beauty of your freckles too much. Also, opaque foundations can make your face look muddy so instead, just embrace your uniqueness. Alternatively, you can also use a tinted moisturizer or a tinted sunscreen. 

  • Moisturize: 

To ensure that your freckles are always looking smooth and very much a part of your skin, moisturize these thoroughly to make them smooth and supple. 

  • Accentuate Your Freckles: 

Make sure you make your freckles the main element of your face this summer. To do so, you can fill in the gaps with a brow pencil or a bronzer. At this point, you can add a faint blush to this whole mix. This will give you a natural sun-kissed look. You can also lather on some cream highlighter on your nose and cheekbones to draw attention to your freckles. 

Freckles are as much a part of your skin as acne except that they last longer but are oh-so attractive. The imagery that they are anything but is simply quite outdated since we are now in the era of accepting and embracing our anomalies. So go ahead and make people fall in love with your freckles! 

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