Intertrigo: Rash under Breasts - Symptoms, Causes, How to Prevent & Treatment

Intertrigo: Rash under Breasts - Symptoms, Causes, How to Prevent & Treatment

What is Intertrigo?

It is a rash that occurs in the folds of the skin. Since there is moisture in these folds, it is an ideal spot for bacteria to breed. The rubbing of the skin can cause inflammation and rashes since it breaks down the skin surface. Also the presence of bacteria/ fungus in these folds worsens the rash. This can occur in any skin surface that has creases. It mostly itches and burns when you develop this rash.


What are the possible causes of rashes under the breasts?

Rashes under the breasts are caused by many factors. It varies from your skin’s response to various conditions that you experience or can also be because of some major illness. It is generally caused when your skin folds rub against each other, causing friction. Since the friction creates warmth and moisture, the rash occurs in these folds. It is the perfect environment for fungus, yeast, and bacteria. Since it is not communicable, it cannot be passed by or caught from another human. All the factors causing intertrigo are categorized into five broad divisions:

  •     Allergies
  •     Infections
  •     Heat rash
  •     Autoimmune disorders
  •     Cancer

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What are the symptoms of Intertrigo?

You must be mindful of these symptoms and you should reach out to your doctor if you experience any of these. Timely intervention is essential to treat this rash otherwise it might turn into a serious condition. Below are some common symptoms of intertrigo-

  •   It is typically a red/ reddish-brown rash
  •   It can develop on surfaces where the skin rubs
  •   It may burn/ itch
  •   It is often raw in texture
  •   Sometimes it can give out a foul odour
  •   You may witness skin cracks
  •   Sometimes it also bleeds

 It may occur in the following skin surfaces: 

  •   It can occur between toes
  •   It can appear on the folds of the belly or breasts
  •   It can also develop around the armpits
  •   The groin area is another vulnerable surface
  •   The skin folds around the neck are also surfaces where it can occur
  •   Around the buttock skin folds 

How can one identify intertrigo?

The diagnosis of intertrigo is not a very difficult task. However, to be doubly sure, always consult your doctor. By looking at the rash, your doctor will easily tell you whether you have developed intertrigo. You need not go for any specific tests. However, to determine the kind of fungi or bacteria, your doctor might take a sample. Hence, always reach out to your doctor in case you see any potential signs.


How can you prevent intertrigo?

Like any other condition, intertrigo too has its own ways of being tackled. As doctors always stress the aspect of prevention rather than stressing about the cure, you can be proactive in your lifestyle and avoid intertrigo. These are some ways in which you can make sure that your skin does not develop this rash:

  •   Keep your skin dry
  •   Do not let excess moisture remain on your skin
  •   Avoid skin-tight clothing or shoes
  •   Wear inner-wear that your body is comfortable in
  •   Do exercises to maintain your weight
  •   Opt for breathable fabrics while choosing your clothes
  •   Dry your body thoroughly whenever you wash yourself


How can Intertrigo be treated?

If your rash is not severe, then keep your skin dry and let it breathe. Consult your doctor and use topical steroid cream as per prescription. If your rash is severe, then doctors generally prescribe an anti-fungal ointment to apply. This medication is also available in the form of powders. They are mainly used to dry the skin out so that the fungal infection is stopped. Have a thorough discussion with your doctor as different medications are suggested according to skin types.

Some people have lived with intertrigo over a period of time. These conditions can appear and reappear with time. In case you have already developed this rash before, then it is better to take enough precautions if you are expecting it to appear again. Always take good care of the probable surfaces. The more you look after your skin, the lesser chances will be for such conditions.


Who is likely to develop this rash?

  •   People with excessive weight have a tendency to develop intertrigo
  •   People with diabetes are also prone to this rash
  •   People with artificial limbs and such equipment are also likely to develop this rash

 It all depends on how actively you engage in taking care of your skin. Keeping yourself hydrated, keeping the skin cool and dry, avoiding food products that cause sweating are simple ways to keep yourself away from such rashes. Your health is your responsibility and what you choose for yourself will determine what kind of a life you lead. And as far as intertrigo is concerned, you now know a great deal about it!

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