Making your Gynec Your Best Friend - How To Build A Good Relationship With Your OB-GYN

Making your Gynec Your Best Friend - How To Build A Good Relationship With Your OB-GYN

For women, Gynec is not only a doctor but a best friend for life. For achieving positive health outcomes, it is good to build a strong connection with the gynecologist. Also, it is common for a female of all ages to consult a gynec.

You may want guidance for birth control, irregular menstrual cycles, or need a regular health check-up. Women who face hormonal problems and have mood swings need a friendly gynec who can understand them. 

Why should you make your gynec a best friend?

1. To educate a Teenage girl

Puberty is the time when there are hormonal changes in a young girl. She becomes confused with the new changes. At this stage, a mother or an elder sister can introduce her to the gynec who can guide her properly. It helps in preparing her for the future in a friendly way.

2. To deal with irregular menstrual cycles

If you are facing irregular monthly cycles and want the solutions for the same, consulting your gynec is important. It may happen that you would need the help of a doctor for a longer duration. A good connection with gynec can make it easy for you to overcome this issue. 

3. Facing menstrual health problems

Women who may face a menstrual disease like ovarian cyst, endometriosis, or tumours need help from the right gynec. It requires proper evaluation to decide upon the surgery. Your gynec can further suggest the right oncologists in severe cases. They can guide you regarding unwanted pregnancy, miscarriages, abortions, general feminine health, infections, and thick white vaginal discharges. 

4. Dealing with menopause

During menopause, women face fluctuations in mood. They need some support. Gynec can become your friend and understand your mental traumas. They will also provide emotional support to you. 

5. For family planning

It is a dream of a woman to enjoy motherhood post marriage. When you are planning for a baby, you must consult the right gynec. Before conceiving and during the pregnancy, you may have various doubts about which gynec can help you. Once you connect with a gynec, they will update you about what you should eat during pregnancy and which activities to perform. With the right advice, you can conceive a healthy baby. If there are any issues, the gynec will give you alternatives too. 

How to make a gynec your best friend?

If you are feeling uncomfortable about discussing menstrual issues, here are some ways in which you can make a gynec your best friend. 

1. Research before appointment

You may find the gynec through word of mouth or referrals from your friends or relatives. Although it is a great option, you can find out more about the specializations of gynecologists and their experiences. If the gynec is in sync with your needs, it becomes easier for you to discuss your problems with them. There are chances you may not find the gynec appropriate in the first meeting. In such cases, you can switch to a better one.

2. Do not be shy and remain honest

While meeting the gynecologist, you must not keep any secrets. Tell your problems without feeling shy. Gynecs always make their patients feel comfortable about talking about their issues, and so you must share the past mistakes and current issues without any hesitation. You may find specific topics embarrassing like termination of a past pregnancy, sexual needs, and such. But discussing openly with gynec can help you in the long run. 

3. Speak up if you find any discomfort

Certain comments of your doctor may bother you. You should tell your gynec what you feel as sometimes you may not be ready for their suggestions. For instance, if you are not interested in family planning and still your gynec is pushing you for it, ask them not to discuss it further. 

4. Call your gynec without any hesitation

It may happen that you are waiting for your test results, but your gynec has not called you yet. In such circumstances, you can call your doctor without thinking much. It will help in building a good connection with your gynec. He or she will understand your concerns and become more supportive. 

5. Share online reviews about your gynec

Nothing makes a gynec happier than positive feedback. Sharing your reviews on social media platforms will build a great rapport with your gynec. Next time when you visit the doctor, things will become more comfortable. Your doctor-patient bonding will become strong. 

Whether you are an adult woman or a teen, it is inevitable for you to consult a gynec. The skilled gynec can treat your menstrual problems efficiently, and this is where it becomes crucial for you to have a good bonding with them. The above tips can guide you in building that bond. It will ensure you that your gynec will not disclose your secrets or make you feel uncomfortable. 

When it comes to your reproductive health, the right gynec can bring a lot of differences. 

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