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Female Masturbation- Does Masturbation Affect Immunity ?

What is Female Masturbation?

Masturbation is the stimulation of one’s genitals, through the use of one’s hands, fingers or with the help of any sex toys, for the purpose of arousal, usually to achieve orgasm. This is not a new concept and has been around a long time, and its evidence can be found from the sculptures at Khajuraho and from ancient texts, given that desire is one of our primitive needs as human beings and is prevalent in both the sexes. 

While anyone can masturbate when they want, in some cases, sex therapists recommend using mutual masturbation techniques for couples as a way to improve their sexual relationship and also to understand what eroticizes their partner. Female masturbation is believed to improve the chances of conception from intercourse, if the female orgasms one minute before and 45 minutes after insemination has taken place. It also provides protection against cervical infection by aiding the uterus to throw all the debris out of the cervix. 


How does a woman Masturbate? 

The usual techniques of masturbation require touching, pressing, rubbing or massaging the genitalia, by inserting fingers into the vagina or rubbing the penis against a pillow or even using sex toys for the same. Female masturbation is a particularly tricky subject, since it involves the stimulation of the clitoris and the g-spot, which is slightly hard to find. 

It’s not impossible to achieve. Here are the ways to do it: 

  • It can be done by inserting the fingers into the vagina to stroke the frontal wall, where the g-spot is located.
  • Quite commonly, this can be done by lying on one’s back, face down, kneeling or squatting by using friction, either by the fingers, a vibrator or a dildo, for the purpose of arousal.
  • For someone new to the arena of self-induced orgasms, starting with the fingers is the best way to move forward, following the success of which, you can amp up the intensity by opting for sex toys like dildos, vibrators and more. 


Myths Surrounding Masturbation

Over the years, various medical and psychological practices have given rise to a positive attitude towards masturbation and in spite of opposing religious views, community guidelines, masturbation still remains a frequent practice in our society. However, there is no denying the fact that despite cinema and pop culture trying to perpetuate sex positivity, masturbation still remains a closeted concept and one that people are too shy to discuss.

 Does masturbation affect immunity?

This, with the added influence of cinematic glorification has given birth to certain misconceptions associated with masturbation’s meaning and raises further queries. Here, we have tried to clarify a few myths surrounding masturbation: 

  1. Masturbation is unhealthy: Often, the act of masturbation has been tagged as an unhealthy practice, owing to the stigma attached and is therefore considered a shameful and dirty practice.  But science says that masturbation can actually be healthy, both mentally and physically. It’s also considered extremely safe, since it is self-induced, so the chances of an STD or unwanted pregnancy are reduced. It also improves sexual relations, since it helps people determine what they want to do and avoid while performing sex. 
  2.  Masturbation affect immunity - An orgasm may in fact, benefit your immune system. It supports immune functioning by increasing white blood cells that fight off infections as a part of the body's immune response. It also reduces stress and can be a great mental and physical exercise. 
  3. Does masturbation cause hairfall - There is no scientific evidence that proves this claim. The myth originated from the fact that men lose semen during ejaculation, which is high in protein and therefore, that may take away the protein that reaches your scalp for hair growth. But that’s an old wives’ tale and the truth is that masturbation does not affect one’s hair fall. 

There’ll always be a chunk of people who think masturbation is an unholy or disgusting act, but it’s a natural act of sexual prowess and one shouldn’t be ashamed about it. We can also establish that there aren’t any gruesome masturbation side effects so, the idea of masturbation should be embraced as casually as possible because it in fact, it is the most non-problematic form of sexual arousal. All those orgasm-hating people just need to loosen up and simmer down towards the idea of being our own little helpers. 

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