how early is too early to start hair removal

How Early Is Too Early To Start Hair Removal - What is the Right Age to Start Hair Removal?

Women, irrespective of age, find themselves in spots that constantly push them towards actualizing “womanhood”. But the question remains- how much of it comes from external sources? Well, among many ideas of what a woman should be like, one that garners attention, especially among girls of impressionable age, is the aspect of hair removal. What is the appropriate age for removing body hair? What are the methods available? Which brands to trust when it comes to tools for hair removal processes? And the list goes on.

Parents often find it difficult to decide a certain age as and when to allow their daughters to indulge in hair removal. The fact of the matter remains that apart from deciding the right age, what is more important is to gradually guide them to conversations that would eventually lead to healthy and safe engagements.

There is nothing wrong when your daughter or a young woman in the family comes to you to seek guidance on removing body hair. Whether they want to shave their legs or arms should not be a matter of utter shock for you. Instead of denying the conversation, you must empathize with their situation and be the support system they wish for.


What are the reasons for such a craze for hair removal among teens?

  • Social Media: The idea of beauty imposed and propagated in social media is the biggest reason for teens opting for hair removal processes. It is absolutely normal to be uncomfortable with unwanted hair in the body. But what remains problematic is the discomfort coming from someone else telling these young girls that it is not alright to have body hair. There are instances where girls as young as 9 years have shaved their legs and arms by following tips published on social media.

  • Peer Pressure: Another significant factor is peers promoting the idea of good looks and vanity. If a girl feels singled out among peers for the simple fact that she has grown body hair, it is obvious that she would feel the urge of giving in to the expectations of her peers for validation.

  • Imitation: Girls often see other older women in the family or some superstars with arms that are devoid of hair. When these models or actresses advertise products for hair removal, girls are eager to try it out themselves.

  • Self-indulgence: There are also instances where women reason out their likes and dislikes. They might remove body hair as a ritual that gives them satisfaction and reiterates the self-care regime they have set for themselves. Whatever the case, it is not unusual for girls to want to remove unnecessary hair from their body. How safely they do it is the question of the hour!


How safe is hair removal for teens?

While there are no findings as to how harmful the process of hair removal is, what has been recommended by dermatologists across the world is how aware the person is who carries out the process. Another point to keep in mind is the suitability of the skin with respect to the procedure.

  • Shaving: Shaving has been regarded as the quickest solution for hair removal. It is an excessively popular method, which is hassle-free and does not cost much. Yet there are chances of cuts if  shaving is not carried out with caution. Shaving also leads to faster regrowth of hair as compared to waxing. Girls generally refrain from facial shaving considering it as an unwise decision. However, facial shaving helps in removing terminus hair and provides the much needed exfoliation to your skin. But one should carefully choose the shaving razor. Carmesi’s facial razor is the best choice for this! Check it out here.
  • Waxing: Waxing is comparatively a time consuming process. It takes the hair out from the roots, which means that your hair will regrow at a slower pace. However, waxing needs more caution because if the wax is too hot for the skin, it might lead to burns.

While there are innumerable outlets available for these processes, removing hair at home is preferred by many. It is safe, healthy, and does not involve the risks of infections as not all parlors take optimal precautions for these procedures. However, what is important is that you choose the right hair removing equipment for yourself to make the process painless and convenient!

What should you keep in mind while buying hair removal products?

  • Effortless Results: The razors or waxing tools you buy should make sure that you get results without much effort. Your experience should be convenient and it should not be time consuming.

  • Painless: Your hair removal product should not cause pain. A painless, instant experience is what everyone looks for.

  • Precision: Whatever you choose for your body must be able to offer precision in terms of performance. Its design, efficacy, grip- everything should be perfect for your usage.

  • No Cuts Please: The design of any product that you use makes all the difference. It is a given that you must be careful while removing body hair, however, your product should also ensure a zero-cut experience. And that is possible only when you go for the right product!

  • Safety: People want to invest in products which can be reused without any worry. It can offer safety only if it is made with the best of material and comes with a protective gear. If not, then you are yet to get the best.

  • Outstanding Results: Always go for products that deliver what the brand promises. Hair removal products might seem like simple tools but these must be crafted with extensive research. Whether you use it for armpits, eyebrows, forehead, upper lips- smoothness is what anyone would expect from it.

  • Makeup-ready Skin: If your experience makes your skin makeup-ready, then you’ve signed up for what suits you the most.


What we want to leave you with, is the notion that the right time is when a girl is fully aware of the hair removal process and she carries it out with uninfluenced willingness. Whether shaving or waxing, you must procure the most appropriate product for the best results. All that matters is that it is safe, hygienic, and healthy every time you carry out your hair removal ritual!

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