Skin Care Routine by Age

Skin Care Routine by Age

The skin you were born with is not the one you are currently living with. As you age, your skin evolves and matures along with you. You’ll notice that the harsh toners and cleansers you were using in your teens to control all that excess oil are useless in your 20s.

As you enter your 30s, you may start to notice signs of ageing that weren’t there before. And, if you stick to the same routine as your 20s, you may not get the benefits you want. The same goes with your 40s. Your skin is now more mature and needs a different treatment.

In this article, you will learn about building a skincare routine based on your age. But first, let’s understand why it’s important to have a routine in the first place!


Why is it important to build a skincare routine?

Your skin, like any other organ in your body, needs to be taken care of. In fact, it needs even more care because it acts as a shield, protecting your internal organs from environmental stressors.

By building a proper skincare routine, you make sure that your skin remains protected against damage and premature ageing. Of course diet matters, but it’s also important to incorporate the right skincare products according to your age, skin type and concern so you can look and feel your best.


The basics

Every skincare routine must have a few basic products that will help you take care of your skin. You don’t always have to go all out with a 9-step regime to keep your skin healthy. But, these are some of the products that must be in your kit at all times, no matter your age.

  • Cleanser - This one’s a no-brainer. Your skin gets dirty throughout the day and you must keep it cleansed to prevent bacterial infections and clogged pores. Harsh cleansers are always best avoided, no matter your skin type. And, if you are suffering from hormonal acne or have sensitive skin, try the Carmesi Foaming Face Wash for a deep yet gentle cleanse that leaves the natural oils intact.
  • Serum - Okay, so this one’s not an absolute must, but most people start facing some skin concern or the other after they’re past their teenage years. Serums are great in this regard because they are packed with powerful ingredients that provide your skin with targeted treatments. Like, if your concern is acne, try the Carmesi Blemish-Reducing Serum which is great for treating both active acne and the scars they leave behind.
  • Moisturizer - A moisturizer is an absolute must no matter what your age or skin type. Your skin barrier needs hydration to function properly and the best way to ensure it stays intact is to use a moisturizer that suits your skin type. If you have sensitive skin or suffer from acne, picking out a moisturizer can become trickier. But, we promise that you can’t go wrong with the Carmesi Soothing Moisturizer.
  • SPF - Sunscreen is very essential as most of the damage and ageing experienced by your skin is due to the sun. By keeping the harmful UV rays off your face, you make sure that your skin stays protected and shows up at its best.


Skin care by age

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s dive into curating your skincare routine by age.

Your 20s

  • Fight your acne - Hormonal acne may be pestering you in your 20s and you need the regime to fight it. Try the Carmesi Hormonal Acne Range to beat those breakouts and keep your skin clear. Remember, salicylic acid is your best friend!
  • Must include SPF - The first signs of ageing may start to appear in your 20s, making SPF a must now even if you skipped on it in your teens. So, grab a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 and you’re good to go.
  • A toner can go a long way - Toners can help your pores clear and aid in better product penetration. Start including a toner in your routine from your 20s to keep your pores congestion-free and give the other products an extra boost. Try our Pore Clarifying Toner. It’s a good place to start.
  • Retinol is a no-brainer - Even though you won’t notice any major signs of ageing, your 20s are a good time to start introducing retinol into your skincare routine. Your collagen starts to break down as you reach your mid-20s and the process just continues. Retinol will help you fight those fine lines that may start to appear as you near your 30s.
  • Vitamin C, guys - Vitamin C is great to treat those stubborn acne spots and even help you keep ageing at bay for longer. It can also help even your skin tone.

Your 30s

  • Continue with the retinol - You can even opt for one that’s a little stronger. Retinol works by increasing your cell turnover rate, thereby preventing ageing signs.
  • Sunscreen is more important than ever before - Yep, never skip on sunscreen. It can make all the difference to how your skin ages and how the sun damages your skin. Never skip sunscreen in your 30s as your skin is now vulnerable to collagen loss and other ageing signs.
  • Have a different morning and evening routine - Keep your daytime routine light and use the actives and other important ingredients during the day as your skin heals and repairs during sleep.
  • Eye creams, please - Those fine lines won’t disappear miraculously. In fact, they will just keep increasing. The eye area has no oil glands and, thus, this is the first area to show signs of ageing. Use an eye cream with anti-ageing and depuffing ingredients in it.
  • Exfoliate. Now - If you haven’t been exfoliating already (and we don’t mean harsh scrubs when we say exfoliation), now is a great time to start. Slough away the dead cells and debris and bring out your natural glow by encouraging fresh cells to start building. A chemical exfoliant with AHAs works best when it comes to your 30s.

Your 40s

  • Go gentle with your cleanser - As you reach your 40s, the gentler the better. As you age, your skin tends to become drier and this is why you will need a cleanser that is gentle and does not strip away the natural oils in your skin.
  • Your moisturizer should have antioxidants and ceramides - Antioxidants and ceramides will help repair your skin barrier, keep free radicals out of your skin and help retain moisture. Use a moisturizer with these key ingredients to help you look radiant and combat the signs of ageing.
  • Sunscreen, duh - Well, by now you must have realised the importance of sunscreen. Please use it and your skin will thank you for it.
  • Keep using retinol - As we said, retinol is your anti-ageing best friend. So incorporate a strong one in your routine. You can even speak to your dermatologist and get prescription retinol which may work better in your case.
  • Include a hyaluronic acid product - Hyaluronic acid is a powerful humectant which helps to draw in water molecules from the atmosphere and keep your skin moisturized, thus combating transepidermal water loss. As your ageing skin becomes drier, hyaluronic acid will help keep it moisturized and supple.
  • Exfoliate more - We’re not asking you to exfoliate every day, come on. But, you should make a consistent routine that incorporates chemical exfoliation at least twice a week so that your skin can reap its benefits.


Bottom line

Skincare is important no matter your age, but evolving it as you grow older can really make all the difference. Be consistent and use proper ingredients based on your age and skin needs.

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