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Male Puberty - Signs, Stages and Sexual Maturity
Female puberty has been oft-discussed, especially since it marks the beginning of menstruation. But even our male counterparts undergo several changes in their bodies when puberty strikes. For instance, a boy’s body beefs up, his voice turns heavier... 
Educating Sons About Women's Health
Yes, you read that right. A woman’s health is not only her business but also of everyone else in her life, including the men. You must have read or heard that bit about a happy woman making a happy home. Let us rephrase that – a healthy woman makes a happy home.
Consent - What we need to teach our boys

Consent, in and to any relation, should be a matter of right - when a girlfriend says it to her boyfriend, when a wife says it to her husband; indeed, when any woman says it to a man, it should be the last word.