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How does ‘Chivalry’ fit in a Feminist World?
The meaning of chivalry changed over centuries and the 21st-century connotation of chivalry is quite different from what it was during medieval times. In fact, there has been a complete erosion of the chivalric code...
How can gender equality benefit men?
Gender inequality is often perceived as a problem that affects women. And it’s only understandable, given that the child sex ratio in the country as per the previous census records stands at 914 girls for every 1000 boys. This statistic, while true, does not present...
Consent - What we need to teach our boys

Consent, in and to any relation, should be a matter of right - when a girlfriend says it to her boyfriend, when a wife says it to her husband; indeed, when any woman says it to a man, it should be the last word.