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When Do Girls Stop Growing? Height, Genetics, and What to Expect
Growth in females is an aspect that needs undivided attention. We must make an effort to normalize conversations around these issues so that girls around us do...
Mind the Monsoon
Before you venture out in the rain with your Neon raincoats and psychedelic umbrellas, here are a few things you might want to keep in mind. Trust us, just these few things in check and monsoons will be even more marvelous.
The darker side of womanhood
Switch on the television and browse through any Indian Channel. You’ll notice, and this is interesting, that every daily soap that you’ll come across has at least one female character who’s the devil incarnate. And it’s not just in the recent times
Finding the Rachel to my Monica
When I was 7, I celebrated my birthday in the normal 90s schoolgirl manner. Bring bag of chocolates to school, distribute chocolates in your class, pick one friend to tag along with you and go from class to class.
Bra – A Woman’s Best Frenemy
It all starts with a Sports Bra. When a girl hits the 12-year mark and her smooth chest decides it’s time to get some attention. And so begins the painful, exciting and somewhat fascinating journey of boobies...
When sisters reclaim Raksha Bandhan
In July last year, I went to rural Haryana as part of fieldwork on primary education for children. During the survey, as a part of trust building we would tell the respondents about us...