Mind the Monsoon

Mind the Monsoon

While Northern India is still struggling with the heat, our friends from basically everywhere else in the country (or so it seems on our Facebook timelines) are enjoying the first showers of 2018. But before you venture out in the rain with your Neon raincoats and psychedelic umbrellas, here are a few things you might want to keep in mind.

10 Monsoon Thoughts

1. Is your handbag weather-proof?

First things first, make sure your bag is monsoon-ready. Carrying a leather bag might be your style, but leather does not like rains. In fact, brush your leather goods, dry them, cover them up and put them in a dry storage area. That’s where they’ll truly be happy.

2. Anti-skid footwear

You might be the kind that loves watching videos of people slip-slide and crash into things, but it’s not a pretty sight when it happens to you. Invest in a good pair of rain-friendly footwear for the monsoon.

3. Street food is not your friend

Dear Panipuri and chaat lovers, it’s O.K. to have trust issues in monsoons. Water-borne diseases see a miraculous rise in the season and if you aren’t a fan of frequenting the office loo, keep a leash on your cravings. Salads and raw fruits are also a strict no-no unless you are sure they were washed with clean, filtered water.

4. Carry your own water

Which brings us to the next point. Not only is it safe to carry your own water bottles, but you will also help reduce plastic waste and Mother Nature will send you a personal Thank You note if you do so (By not giving you Diarrhea).

5. Beware of the LICE

Lice love monsoons and they love beautiful luscious hair. If you take the public transport, it might be a good idea to introduce an anti-lice shampoo to your regular hair-care regime. One a week should be enough. And make sure your hair is dry before stepping out.

6. Dry feet are the Mantra to good health

Well, that and eating healthy, not smoking, drinking, tripping on unnamed substances, exercising regularly etc. But keeping your feet dry will definitely keep them happy. Keep an extra pair of footwear at work if needed.

7. Introduce mosquito-repellant to your skin-care routine

And make sure there is not stagnant water in your house. You know it’s a breeding ground for mosquitos, right?

8. Keep your nether regions clean and dry

Itchy privates in the monsoons are not a coincidence. Make sure you wash it up, dry it with a clean towel, and fluff it up with anti-fungal dusting powder at least twice a week. Also, use natural sanitary products to avoid humidity and rashes. And cotton undies, please!

9. Padded bras take longer to dry

Take the risk of baring your nipple in a wet shirt but avoid padded bras in the rains. They take longer to dry and it can be extremely uncomfortable sitting in one. Also, women have nipples. Deal with it.

10. Be conscious of your waste

Wet garbage is not a pretty sight. It smells worse than a hairy man’s armpit on a hot summer afternoon. And the sight of unwrapped sanitary napkins flooding the streets is even worse and grossly unhygienic. Make sure you dispose your sanitary products with proper care.

We could be sounding like your mother here, with a long list of instructions, ruining your monsoon spirit. But trust us, just these few things in check and monsoon will be an even more spectacular gift of nature than it already is. Happy Monsoons to you!


P.S. Carmesi is soon introducing completely biodegradable disposal bags. And yes, they come with a proper seal to ensure a hygienic disposal.


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