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Do Men Have Periods | All About Male PMS
I was on schedule. It was four days before my period and the hormones had just begun poking their ugly nose in my relationships with other humans...But something strange happened that day.
Things you Should Know About Periods
Do not start with the ‘Ugh! That’s disgusting.’ We all know how much you boys like your Zombie movies and post-apocalyptic video games. So why is it so hard to stomach our period stories? Strap up boys because this, you NEED to read.
Stop the 'Man' from Mansplaining
Mansplaining is very much in use these days and is a self-explanatory concept, which simply means that moment when a man tries to explain something to a woman...
How can gender equality benefit men?
Gender inequality is often perceived as a problem that affects women. And it’s only understandable, given that the child sex ratio in the country as per the previous census records stands at 914 girls for every 1000 boys. This statistic, while true, does not present...
Understanding Gender Roles
Gender roles have been around for centuries. A quick look back at the history of civilization shows us that traditionally, men have been the fixers of the world and women, the nurturers. And while there have been exceptions to this standard pattern...
India's acceptance of Homosexuality
The law can legislate and wise men in the courts can pass orders; but the real test of the acceptance of any verdict is in the court of the people and that of society at large. Public acceptance is everything. Especially when any law is passed that is regarded as contrary...
Raising a Feminist Father
My father grew up with three sisters. That’s three times the pain of seeing someone you love, leave. He was probably not a feminist back then. He understood and accepted the ways a patriarchal society works.