Things you Should Know About Periods

Things you Should Know About Periods

Do not start with the ‘Ugh! That’s disgusting.’ We all know how much you boys like your Zombie movies and post-apocalyptic video games. Watching gory scenes in Game of Thrones never puts you off! So why is it so hard to stomach our period stories? Strap up boys because this, you NEED to read.

Now remember, these pointers right here are true relationship savers and might just get you some sweet sweet lovin’ if you pay close attention.

Do not call it gross

We know how gross period blood can be. We deal with it for half our lives! It’s not like we love talking about our precious Aunt Flo all the time, but if some time we do want to talk about it, just listen. But when you sound all disgusted and condescending, it makes us want to smash your PlayStation (no metaphors) to bits.

- PMS is not an excuse

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome is legit. It is not an excuse we make up to slide hard on the mood swing or make you treat us special. PMS can make us cranky, exhausted, depressed, agitated or downright sob queens. But none of it is intentional and we probably are as clueless about the root cause of our anger as you are. But words like ‘Not this again’ are not going to make us feel better. A strong shoulder definitely would.

- It doesn’t make us monsters

Just because we have an erratic temperament, are binging on junk food while cursing our bloated tummies and bleeding for four days straight doesn’t mean that we are monsters. We are simply women. Just like your mother. Yes, she too went through this even though you never noticed. Ask you dad, he did.

- Don’t try to solve our problems

And our list is really long. But we don’t want them solved. We just want them out in the universe. We only want a listening ear and a huge hug. Seriously, hugs can work wonders to calm us down. Unless you follow it with ‘what’s gotten into you, it’s not that big a deal, this is what I think you should do…’ Just the hug please!

- Don’t panic.

We might look like a wounded animal, but we are fine. We will moan and sigh deeply, lie in a ball on the bed and cry at regular intervals. But we are pretty much used to it. And we will be back to our normal selves in 2 days. Maybe a week, tops.

- Sometimes, we stain!

And that’s normal, we know how to get blood off our clothes, bedsheets, blankets, cushion covers. We’ve been training for this since we were 12. So don’t freak out.

- We can still have sex while on our Period

But not all of us want to. Some of us get really horny during our Period, and some of us don’t want you anywhere near our holy fountain. Respect what your woman wants. And wait a day or two!

 - We can still get pregnant

Bet you didn’t know that one! Sperm can live for up to 3-5 days after intercourse. So, if a woman has sex towards the end of her bleeding, she can conceive 4-5 days later due to early ovulation. So, zip it up or put on a condom.

- It doesn’t make us impure

Menstruation is a sign of a healthy woman. It keeps our reproductive organs in check so that little humans can come into this world, like you did. It doesn’t make us impure and it shouldn’t restrict us from performing our religious duties. We might not want to sit out on the Ganesh Puja just because we got our period on that fateful auspicious day! And sometimes, we need your help in raising our voice.

- It doesn’t make us weak

While almost all of us experience some degree of pain, our period does not make us incompetent. And it will help if you don’t make us feel that way. If we are in excessive pain, we might want to take a leave. But that’s the same as you taking a leave when you are constantly hit in the gut for 24 hours and it makes you feel like it’s the end of the world. Understand our pain, but don’t term it as our weakness.

- Chocolate isn’t the only remedy

Not every woman craves chocolate while on her Period. Sometimes she wants chips, sometimes a glass of blissful wine and there are other times when all she wants to do is lie down and watch a soppy chick flick.

Periods are different for different women. But one thing remains constant, the blood. It’s not too much, but we do lose some amount of blood every month. Which means that in those few days, we are dehydrated, low on energy and terribly tired. And our hormones are all whacked out! All we want you to do is pick up some of our slack and support us through the process. We don’t mean to be bitchy or sarcastic or depressed. But we are OK with who we are. We just want you to be OK with it too.

*Periods are Natural. Don’t be shy to discuss them with your loved ones. It will only bring you closer. And if it doesn’t, well, there’s something to think about!

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