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Attaining Motherhood sans Marriage
Ekta Kapoor, Sakshi Tanwar, Sushmita Sen. These are a few Bollywood personalities who have a single commonality amongst them, that they decided to achieve motherhood sans the traditional method: marriage...
Abortion Law in India - Is Abortion legal in India?
With Alabama passing a bill to outlaw the procedure of abortion, I, like many women in India, wondered what our country’s stand on the issue is. Is abortion legal in India? What are the options available to women who want to voluntarily terminate their pregnancy...
The Mother of 385 Banyan Trees - Saalumarada Thimmakka
There’s a five-km stretch on a highway in Karnataka, between Kudur and Hulikal, that’s lined with majestic Banyan Trees. These trees are special, because they were all planted by one woman - Saaluumarada Thimmakka.
Breastfeeding & Menstruation | What You Need to Know
Pregnancy sure comes with its own set of shenanigans, but the one joy it definitely brings is a break from your period cycle. But did you know that your periods will take a while to return even after childbirth? 
Nipple Shields for Nursing: What is it, Benefits, How to Use, Why to use
People often leave out the harsh truths about breastfeeding when discussing the topic. There is so much out there about the bonding experience, but realities like...
These Comments from Real Moms Will Truly Make Your Day
Motherhood is one of the most cherished roles in a woman’s life and being a mom leaves a lasting positive impact on both the mother and the child. Most of us... 
How to lose Pregnancy Weight - Thinks to remember
Motherhood is certainly one of the most cherished occasions of a woman’s life. And while there are several myths around pregnancy, the biggest one is to stuff yourself all the time and “eat for two”! Of course, your baby needs nutrients to grow in a healthy manner...
How to increase fertility: Natural ways to boost fertility
Today, we lead far more stressful lives than the previous generation. Add to that an increasingly polluted environment, and voila, you have a perfect recipe to fuel infertility. Here are some tips that could possibly improve your fertility. 
Postpartum Depression - What is it, Symptoms, Cause & Treatment
Pratichi’s family couldn’t understand when after giving birth to their second child, she appeared to be lethargic, dull and almost indifferent to the child. She would sit staring dully, with what seemed to be almost resentment, at the child... 
Battle Scars
John Mayer sang 'Your body is a Wonderland' to this gorgeous, twenty-something, porcelain skin, perfectly-shaped damsel. And yes, her body might be Wonderland to him, but you know whose body I think is a Wonderland? Mine.  
More than my ‘Ma’
One of my most vivid and distinct childhood memories is watching my mother take an English lesson for her class at a local elementary school. She conducts the lesson in her bold, confident and genteel manner as all the students...
Damn the Biological Clock!
Open the dating app of your preference and you’ll see it chock-full of 30+ year olds, still very single and ready to mingle. With career catch-up and social salsa on the cards, marriage is a distant thought, and having kids even further.
Early onset of Puberty and why you should care
Usually, girls reach puberty by the age of 10 to 14. But, the number of girls reaching puberty by the age of 7 or 8 has seen a steady rise in the last few years...This is likely to have a negative impact on health and psychology of the young girls.
The mother of all choices

I had my whole life planned out. Graduate, work for a couple of years, get an MBA, work as a consultant, travel far and wide, write, practice photography, work abroad for a few years...And it did not figure in a baby anytime soon.