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Yoga During Periods | Can we do Yoga During Periods ?
Is yoga practice during menstruation a good idea? Do inversions and other high-intensity asanas during your period, mess with your ‘natural flow of energy’? Well, there is no...
Yoga For Irregular Periods - Yoga Poses That Help With Delayed Periods
Usually, the menstrual cycle is a 28 day period for most women but can range anything from 21 to 38 days. Your period is said to be delayed if you do not...
Face Yoga - Does It Actually Work?

The aspiration to age gracefully or the desire to stay young altogether has made many people on a quest to find the best and the most natural way of keeping your face deprived of wrinkles, fine..


Simple Yoga Postures to beat Menstrual Cramps
Being a woman is full of both fun and horrific surprises. One moment you could be walking down the street enjoying a beautiful day... and the next minute you are blasted out of your smugness with a cringing pain in the stomach.
Yoga - My gateway to self-love
Two years ago I had the acute realization that my work, both actual and aspiring was following me everywhere. As I strove to outshine at my workplace and make the most of a thriving social circle, soon it felt like a tailspin...