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How to Use Colour Corrector & Spot Corrector Makeup

Dark spots, acne, pigmentation and irregular complexion are some of the most common skin-related problems faced by individuals irrespective of their gender. Often these issues lead to a lack of confidence in them. However, everyone fights their own way to tackle these.

It goes without saying that all flaws are beautiful in their own way and make the bearer unique. To be able to embrace one's flaws is the ultimate form of self-love. With time, several brands have come up with products that help in overpowering and even concealing dark spots. Here's everything you need to know about dark spots, their causes, spot correctors and how to make the most of them.

What are the common causes of dark spots?  

In medical terms, the condition of dark spots is called hyperpigmentation. The foremost reason is the overproduction of melanin. The reason behind this can be overexposure to the sun, scarring from injuries, ageing and hormonal factors, usage of toxic skin products, hair removal techniques that are not skin-friendly, acne, cuts and burn marks. Though these are the commonly identified causes, they may differ from person to person.

Should you worry about Hyperpigmentation? 

Most of the hyperpigmentation spots are harmless and fade away with time. With a balanced routine, skin vitalizers like Vitamin C serum, products with kojic and azelaic acid, hyperpigmentation can be controlled. In the long term, skincare and nutrition go hand in hand. Lifestyle changes and inclusion of food like berries, kale, legumes, sweet potatoes, papaya which are low glycemic and high in protein, will rejuvenate your skin and keep it healthy!

How to choose the color of your spot corrector? 

 An important question that goes on in our mind is - what should be the color of the spot corrector that will give me a soft natural look? Well, getting back to the basics of our art classes – complementary colors even out each other and makeup is nothing less than art! From a brand of your choice, look for the available color options and keep in mind our pointers on which color works well for your skin.

  • Peach and Orange Color Correctors: If you are a light sleeper and tend to get dark circles often, then the peach color family color correctors – the universal choice- are the best-suited! Dark Circles tend to be in deeper shades of blue or purple, which peach, orange and red can even out, retaining your original look. If you have a light skin tone go for peach and as the skin tone deepens you can go for orange and red for better results to cover your hyperpigmentation.
  • Yellow Color Correctors: The skin of our face is very sensitive and mild. This can cause light red spots on your face due to various reasons like broken capillaries! So, the perfect color will be yellow that will cover the mild redness with the right blend. Perfect for fair-to-tan skin tone.
  • Green Color Correctors: Green is nature’s powerful color and this powerful color helps in concealing any reddish blemishes, acne marks, rashes. Since these colors are accurate complements – the redness becomes invisible, making you ready to slay the world like every other day. An appropriate choice for fair-to-tan skin tone. 
  • Blue and Purple Color Correctors: The beautiful olive skin tone of yours can get an additional radiance with blue and purple color correctors, by lifting your skin from dullness and sallowness – yellowing of your natural complexion.


Spot Corrector Makeup

Now that we know, which color will boost our face and give an impeccable look, let’s look at the makeup routine and find out when to use it:

  1. Moisturizer: The first and foremost thing to do before you start applying your makeup is to moisturize your skin with the right kind of moisturizer. Place a dollop of it and spread it across your face. Rub it in a circular motion to let it sit and dry before the next steps.

  2. Primer: Prep your face with primer as this will make your makeup long-lasting and smoothens out the uneven textures of the face, by filling in the pores and line. Apply from center to cheeks and forehead for a better result.

  3. Color Corrector: Time to put into use our favorite product – the color corrector. Apply directly on the spots which you want to cover and blend them well using your fingers or brush.

  4. Foundation: Again, picking up the right shade of foundation can be a Herculean task, but can be achieved with some trial and error. Apply your foundation across your face and create an even complexion through the application of a blender or brush.

  5. Concealer: Yes, it works well after the color corrector! Makes your skin glowing and bright. Apply on your forehead, center of the nose, under the eyes, top of chin and now gently blend across!

  6. Rest of the routine: Now that the canvas is set – beautify it through bronzers, blushes, highlighter, eye and lip makeup with your desired shades. Don’t forget the final touch – setting spray for an all-day-long staying makeup without creases and greases!

The right skincare regime can help you keep skin-related problems at bay. A nutritious diet, ample sleep and an active lifestyle play a significant role in achieving good skin. Apart from that, choose the right spot corrector meticulously. Go for good quality products and always check if the product is non-comedogenic. Run simple research before you settle for a spot corrector. You can try the Carmesi Acne Spot Corrector to fight both- stubborn dark spots and marks. But here's something to never forget: every flaw is beautiful and deserves to be embraced and accepted.

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