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Sex During Periods - Major Tips for Sex during Period

The idea that a woman can have sex during her periods may sound repulsive to a lot of people and even though it may raise some idealistic questions, the truth is that indulging it can have many advantages. So, it is crucial in understanding period sex first!

Many women report experiencing increased lubrication, cramp relief, shorter periods and lesser headaches, while having intercourse during menses. It’s also a fact that period sex can get really messy, with the presence of blood and can be hard on those who are repulsed by the sight of blood. But sex during period can be absolutely enjoyable for those who wish to engage in it.

Some Tips for Sex During Periods:

  • Choose days when flow is lighter 
  • Most women experience a heavy flow during the first two or three days after which, the flow is lighter. To avoid messy sex, stained sheets and even higher chances of cramping, opt to perform sexual activity during those days when the flow is lighter. If you are new to the world of period sex and want to experiment this with your partner, choosing the day when the flow is lighter is recommended since that won’t make you or your partner nervous about the period blood. 

  • Mess-free period sex
  • For a mess-free period, you can have sex with a soft disposable menstrual cup inside you. Sounds surprising, right? But, don’t be! Using a menstrual cup ensures no leaks during intercourse and is your gateway for a mess free period sex. However, if you plan on doing this, consult a gynecologist before indulging in the same since the size of vagina differs from women to women and while most women have reported no problems performing sex on these cups, it does not harm to consult your gynae, right? It’s also important to know that cups do not eradicate the risk of pregnancy or STD, and therefore, protection is still required and should be used.

  • Have towels and tissues handy
  • In spite of all these precautions, it’s obvious that you may get completely engrossed with your partner during those moments of passion, and may miss a few details. In that case, keep a few towels and tissues handy so that you are prepared for any unnecessary spills or leaks. The towels will protect your sheets so that you don’t stain them and the tissues will help you to clean yourself after sex. 

  • Have fun experimenting
  • One of the things known to help sex during periods is experimenting different sex positions and places. A known position to help relieve period cramps is the missionary one. Lying on your back can decrease the blood flow and the increased sensitivity can help in a faster orgasm. It’s also believed that running water helps with period pain and that’s why shower sex is highly recommended by experts. However, if any of these methods are too uncomfortable, let your partner know immediately. 

  • Oral sex
  • Yes, yes! It’s quite possible that some people can't imagine having sex during periods. It makes them squeamish and highly uncomfortable. Well, for those who don’t have that option, you can definitely try oral sex. It minimizes the risk of pregnancy and is less messy as compared to sex during periods. 

    Before you indulge in period sex, a word of caution. Not everyone enjoys menstrual carnal relations and therefore, having a word with your partner is of utmost importance. Discussing concerns, beliefs and feelings ahead of time is equally important to give them time to understand your expectations and considerations. Having said that, don’t let your period stop you from enjoying sex. 

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