Ways You Can Cultivate More Sexual Wellness

Ways You Can Cultivate More Sexual Wellness

Not having a debt doesn’t mean that you are wealthy. Not having a disease doesn't mean that you are healthy. Not having any sexual disorders doesn’t mean that you have achieved sexual wellness. Most people have no clue about what Sexual Wellness is. But, all of us have heard or read myths, misinformation and taboos about sex, which results in an incomplete understanding of sexuality itself. It is in this context that we speak about cultivating sexual wellness and is the need of the hour.

Sexual Wellness is a state of overall well-being that encompasses physical, mental, emotional as well as social aspects of sexuality. Understanding about it and taking measures to improve it, will help us boost our overall health and wellbeing. Sexual wellness deals with learning about ourselves, communicating about our feelings, celebrating our sexual rights, practicing safe sex and taking our sexual experiences to new dimensions. Let’s have a look at the 6 ways you can cultivate more sexual wellness. 

1. Educate yourself

Want to be a master? Start learning. We usually look for information or guidance when we face problems. That attitude needs to be changed. Let’s learn about our sexuality and its peculiar features. Browse the internet or use a library or bookstore to get started, but never consider what you read as the ultimate truth. If you are facing any sexual problem, look for specific resources. 

Sex education is still a myth for most of us. Masturbation, orgasm and sexual pleasure are all considered as taboos and speaking about them is frowned upon. How can we learn about something, if we are not ready to talk about it? As mentioned, finding well-researched books and curated websites is a first step. You can also utilize the help of an expert if some immediate help is needed.

2. Understand Yourself

How well do we know ourselves is a great question to ask when talking about sexual wellness. Do you know about your likes and dislikes when it comes to sex? Think about your senses and how they affect your sex life. What do you like to see before or during sex? What smell turns you on? What taste triggers you? How do you like to be touched? What do you want to hear? 

Write them down. Yes! Write it. Write about your likes and dislikes. Write about your expectations and experiences. Write about your fantasies. Think about a book or a movie that aroused you. Think about the people that you felt attracted to. Do this alone or together with your partner. Masturbation is also a great way of self discovery. It will help you explore more about your body and feel more comfortable about it. 

3. Stay Healthy And Active

There are various studies and researches about the impact of certain foods on sexual life. Right food can improve your sexual activity. Even if you leave all that beside, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is very important for anyone. Fill your diet with a balanced mix of meat, nuts, seeds, citrus fruits, leafy greens, sprouts and a good amount of water. Exercise regularly. Avoid smoking and limit alcohol consumption.

Care should also be given to your mind as well.  Engage yourself in recreational activities. Spend time with people you love and care about. Figure out how to have a good work-life balance. Stay clear from stressful situations. Even if you get stressed, practice ways to control it. And when you follow a healthy lifestyle, you are paving the path to sexual wellness. 

4. Communicate With Your Partner

When you understand yourself, understand what you like and dislike, you must learn how to communicate that understanding with your partner. You need to talk to your partner about sex, irrespective of whether you are in a relationship or not. Express your desires and set your boundaries clearly in advance. Make sure to listen to your partner about his or her preferences and expectations. 

Communicating like this can be awkward and uncomfortable at first. It can be scary too. But, do you desire an unenjoyable sexual experience? No one does. Communication can ensure mutual consent and respect. It can eliminate self doubt and stress. It can make you feel more connected. And when this openness leads to a pleasurable and satisfactory experience, you will realize that all the talking was not in vain. 

5. Be Flexible and Mindful

Everything changes. Your likes and dislikes too. Same holds true for your partner. Communication is not a one-time process. It should go on and on. Be ready to accept the changes in preferences and expectations. Be open about the changes in your perception. 

Something that worked well with the last partner may not work at all with your current partner. Something that you and your partner enjoyed during your honeymoon may feel silly and unenjoyable after five or ten years. This doesn’t mean that you need to stop expressing your feelings because of the fear of hurting your partner’s feelings. In fact, you should communicate more. 

6. Take Care of Your Body

Take care of yourself. If you are experiencing any pain, stress or discomfort, find a solution immediately. Get expert help if needed. You can’t enjoy sex when the thought of the same itself brings discomfort. Find the problem and solve it. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, not having any sexual disorders doesn’t mean that you are sexually healthy. You deserve to be pain-free. You deserve to enjoy it. You deserve to feel pleasure. And you deserve to be proud about it. 

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Invest in skin and hair care. A good face wash or moisturizer can improve your self confidence. This is just the beginning and there are a lot of things to be added. We would love to hear from you about sexual wellness strategies. What is your secret?

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