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What “lies” beneath- Some common Myths about Bras busted

In our society, a woman’s sexual attribute is a matter that is rarely discussed in the open. Forget discussion, even recognition of women’s issues is considered problematic in the times we live in. Consequently, there is much that remains to be discussed in the open when it comes to women, like periods, orgasms and even bras! 


What's the Bra?

A brassiere has been a woman’s constant companion since early puberty! And although its usage is now most common, even necessary, there are many speculations and apprehensions regarding the same. For women, a bra is a piece of everyday clothing, yet we have been shamed for exposing our bra straps, questioned for our choice of sexy lingerie and myths are spread about their use. In fact, even today there are many misconceptions with regard to the side effects of a bra on one’s body.


Debunking Bra Myths

We thought we would debunk a few myths related to the BRA and hope to clear all your misconceptions regarding the same. 

  • Should bras be worn at night while sleeping? 
    Perhaps the most common misconception regarding bras is that sleeping in them will keep your boobs perky. Don’t we all wish that one were true? Unfortunately, sleeping with your bra on can’t help sagging breasts or keep them pert. Instead, getting rid of your bra while sleeping, especially an underwired one can help in better blood circulation since the wire tends to compress the muscle tissue around it. However, if you are still uncomfortable sleeping without a bra at night, we recommend that you use a light one without any wires or pads. 

  • Bras shouldn’t be washed daily
    Gross, right? Bras are as much a part of our clothing accessories as panties and regular clothes. Perhaps, we need to pick up some more hygiene when talking about our underwear. Dirt and oil on our skin can affect the elasticity of our bra since the fabric keeps rubbing against the skin. Not washing your bra daily may prolong the usage of your bra but may you may also end up getting rashes and skin infections from all the dirt and oil accumulated up there. So, don’t be lazy and wash your bras DAILY!
  • Is there only one right bra for your body?
    That’s not true. Remember there are different types of bras having different functions. A padded bra is often used to provide more coverage, a sports bra to stop your breasts from jiggling while exercising and a strapless one is for days when you want to flaunt those shoulder blades So, how can there be only one kind of bra that fits your body? Wearing the right bra is not about the kind of bra you wear but more about the correct fit and size of the said garment. 

  • New bra should fit on the last hook 
    The struggle to get the bra attached on the last hook to make your breasts look even perkier is not lost on anyone. But a bra is meant to stretch at least three more inches in its lifetime and that is when you should hop on to the last set of hooks. The idea is that one can move on to the other set of hooks when bouncing back from a period that causes breasts to enlarge. It is then that you can freely tighten the hooks without suffocating your breasts due to the tightness of your bra.

  • Bras cause breast cancer
    Apparently, this myth dates to 1995 when an anthropologist couple claimed that wearing tight bras restrict the lymph nodules around the breasts, thereby spreading toxins that can possibly spread cancer. This sounds quite believable, right? But the study did not follow all the guidelines of research and failed to take other factors into account like, breast cancer is caused by genetic and environmental conditions. Besides, recent research has established that there is no significant evidence that proves this claim. According to experts, lymph nodes work around the areolas or nipples and reach the armpit, so they are in no way getting constricted or blocked by the bra or it’s underwire. There are many changes you can make to eliminate the risk of cancer but tossing your bra isn’t one of them. 

Women have been uncomfortable about the question of bras for a long time. For example, showing your strap, keeping it to dry out in the open, and fancy or lacy bras are frowned upon by people. However, having said that, a bra is a very important accessory for a woman, even though it may cause discomfort in the form of rashes or bra lines. To ensure a smooth bra-wearing experience, Carmesi has introduced BREASE, an all-natural blend roll on, to ease the stress caused by uncomfortable bra lines by reducing itchiness and irritation and providing comfort. 

So next time you have an itch to get rid of your irritating bra in the middle of office, just BREASE it! 

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