Which Diet is Bad for Hair Loss?

Which Diet is Bad for Hair Loss?

The outside world is cruel enough for your precious locks, with all the pollution and perspiration, dirt and debris. So, don’t add insult to injury by reaching for food that are actually doing your hair more damage than good. 

While some of these may be fun to eat with little benefits and the others have ample advantages in other areas, there is one effect they all unanimously have on you - damage to your pretty strands! Read on to know the kind of diet you should be staying away from if strong, healthy hair is what you’re rooting for.


What does a bad hair diet look like?

A bad hair diet can come in various shapes, sizes and compositions and somewhat looks like this:

  • High on sugar - Another reason sugar is bad for your health is that it accelerates hair loss. The explanation is straightforward: protein is essential for hair growth, yet sugar prevents it from being absorbed, and so, it is essential to avoid added sugar and sugar-rich foods.
  • A delicious soda - Sodas and other fizzy beverages, among other things, can harm your hair. Carbonated drinks essentially interfere with the insulin in your blood, causing it to become less sensitive to sugar. This causes a spike in blood sugar levels, which then obstructs blood circulation and reduces nutritional availability to your hair follicles, resulting in hair loss.
  • Good ol’ gluten - Gluten in itself is not only harmless but is also extremely beneficial to your health. The issue is gluten's extensive chemical processing, which, when consumed, overloads your body with harmful chemicals that build up over time. Gluten has been linked to digestive troubles, but it's also linked to scalp inflammation, which can harm your hair, according to eastern medicine.
  • So much grease - Hydrogenated oils in food and saturated fats can clog your pores, even on your scalp, and hair loss might result as a result of this.,  Baked items and crackers, and hard margarine and trans fats in foods should be avoided.
  • A buffet of proteins - The Keto diet may help you lose weight, but it's not so good for your hair. Protein is necessary for healthy hair growth, but not if you consume too much animal protein at the expense of other nutrients.
  • Very alcoholic - Beer, wine, and spirits can affect how zinc is metabolised in your body, which is important for hair health. While a glass of red wine may be excellent for your heart, it's not so good for your hair because alcohol can leave your hair drier, brittle, and prone to breakage.
  • Mercury-rich fish - Hair loss is commonly linked to high mercury levels, and fish is one of the most prominent sources of mercury in our diet. Some fish like mackerel,  swordfish and some tuna are extremely high in mercury and should be avoided. Salmon, light tuna and shrimp can be substituted in their place because they contain less mercury.
  • Missing iron and zinc - Because zinc and iron, which are present together naturally in red meats and some shellfish, are required for keratin synthesis, deficiency can result in hair and nail issues. For vegetarians and vegans, getting enough zinc and iron might be difficult, but happily, both zinc and iron can be found naturally in certain beans.
  • That’s nuts - Some people are allergic to nuts and have an allergic reaction as soon as they eat them. However, this is not true for everyone, since some people are just slightly allergic to nuts, which means that their reaction to these nuts is somewhat delayed. And, this frequently results in a receding hairline in many people. Selenium is also found in the majority of the nuts, which, while necessary and even healthy in small amounts, can cause hair loss if ingested in excessive amounts. To give you a heads up, it’s best if you stay away from the Brazil nut since it contains a lot of selenium, which can be bad for your hair.
  • Raw egg whites - Although eggs are beneficial to hair, they should not be ingested uncooked. Biotin deficiency, a nutrient that aids in the formation of keratin, can be caused by eating raw egg whites, and the avidin found in raw egg whites binds to biotin and prevents it from being absorbed in the intestine. If you feel you may have a biotin deficiency in your body, try the Carmesi 100% Plant-Based Biotin, which is excellent for making your hair healthy and strong.

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