Why do I Have Acne Between My Eyebrows?

Why do I Have Acne Between My Eyebrows?

Acne can be annoying anywhere, but the ones in between your eyebrows can really stand out. If you’re a brow-enthusiast, you must have a strict grooming routine and use products to enhance your eyebrows. While they can surely help in making your brows look bomb, they can also be contributing to those pesky breakouts.

It’s worth noting that acne, no matter where it chooses to make an appearance, happens due to clogged pores that get inflamed. And, while you can’t get rid of those monsters between your brows overnight, there are many ways to keep them under control. Let’s dive deeper.


Types of acne you can get between your brows

There are many different types of acne that can pop up between your eyebrows. Or, you may have all of them at once! Yikes!

  • Cystic acne - This is the kind that lurks beneath the surface and is warm and painful to touch. You may notice a small red or white bump between your eyebrows, which can ache when touched and take longer to go.
  • Pustules - These are pus-filled breakouts that have a prominent white or yellow head and a red base. Think pimples as a brand with pustules as their celebrity representative.
  • Papules - These are the hard red bumps on your skin that mostly later turn into pustules.
  • Blackheads - Blackheads are the clogged pores in your skin that, when exposed to air, get oxidised and the heads turn black.
  • Whiteheads - Whiteheads are small, whitish skin bumps where the clogged pores are closed at the surface.


What causes acne between eyebrows?

As mentioned before, breakouts are a result of clogged pores that get infected by bacteria, and several things can result in breakouts between your brows.

  • You have oily skin - Excess sebum in your pores can make them clogged, leading to breakouts in the region. There are a lot of oil glands between your brows, which makes this area more susceptible to acne.
  • Your eyebrow grooming routine - Waxing or threading your eyebrows can irritate your skin and cause ingrown hair, as a result of which you may have small red bumps in between your eyebrows.
  • Your diet is off - Your diet, if it’s rich in processed or sugary foods, can often trigger acne. Instead, eat healthy portions filled with whole grains, omega fatty acids and lean proteins.
  • Your bangs are dirty - If you have bangs and do not keep them clean, your skin may get infected with bacteria and break out.
  • You touch your face too often - When you touch your face too frequently, the natural oils in your fingers get transferred to your face, which can end up clogging your pores. Besides, your hands are often filled with bacteria, which can also contribute to breakouts.
  • Your makeup or skincare - Certain ingredients in your makeup or skincare products can clog your pores and aggravate acne. Besides, if you don’t remove your makeup thoroughly before going to bed, you also risk getting acne between your eyebrows or anywhere on your face.
  • Your hormonal imbalance - Hormonal changes around your period or due to menopause, pregnancy or an underlying hormonal condition can often make you prone to breakouts.


How do you treat acne between your brows?

There are several remedies available to treat breakouts between your brows, but you should always consult a dermatologist before using any strong or new product, especially if your skin is sensitive and prone to breakouts.

  • Maintain a cleansing routine - The most important thing you can do to care for your skin with acne is to maintain a healthy cleansing routine with a gentle cleanser like the Carmesi Foaming Face Wash. Wash your face twice a day and do a double cleansing with a makeup removing oil first and then a face wash at the end of the day when you take your makeup off.
  • Try our hormonal acne range - Our Hormonal Acne Skincare Range is specifically designed to tackle adult acne. Opt for the entire range for the best way to tackle the stubborn acne between your brows.
  • Use a spot corrector - The Carmesi Spot Corrector is designed to target specific areas of breakouts and reduce active acne and spots. It also comes with a tube which makes targeted application very easy.
  • Try a charcoal or clay mask spot treatment - Clay masks and charcoal masks are designed to absorb excess oil from your skin and make your pores unclogged. Use a small amount of such a mask and apply it as a spot treatment between your brows, wait for it to dry and then wash off.
  • Use acids - Acids like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are effective acne treatments and are easily found in topical skincare. Further, you can try a chemical exfoliant with AHA (lactic acid, glycolic acid, etc) and BHA (salicylic acid, etc) to dissolve the impurities and remove the congestion.
  • Switch to non-comedogenic cosmetics - These are the makeup and skincare products that are free from ingredients that clog your pores. If you’re prone to acne, it’s always best to use products that are non-comedogenic.
  • Leave your acne alone - Seriously, just stop touching your face, because, for reasons mentioned above, it can actually aggravate acne further.
  • Cut your bangs - If you’ve identified the reason for those brow breakouts to be your dirty bangs, do cut them off. Or, shampoo more frequently than you currently do to keep your hair clean.
  • Add retinol to your routine - Retinol is a vitamin derivative that increases your skin’s cell turnover, thereby aiding in exfoliation and also in reducing acne and signs of ageing. You can find this ingredient in many topical skincare products which you can incorporate into your routine.
  • Visit a dermatologist - If your acne is severe or fail to go away with topical products, you should visit a dermatologist to identify the cause and also incorporate medication into your regimen if required.

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