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6 simple tips to kick period pains out of your life

6 simple tips to kick period pains out of your life

If there was one typical punch line that Periods could throw in the face of every woman, it would be ‘Love me or hate me, you just can’t ignore me’. And it’s true, we can’t ignore this love-hate relationship we have with Periods. There are times we curse it, and there are those other times when we eagerly await it in case of any delay. Whether you accept it or not, Periods is that bitter-sweet friend of yours who craves attention, needs to be cared for, and pampered for a happy and healthy relationship that does not bring with it the constant throbbing and cramping pains. So, we jotted down a few tips for you to tweak your approach in dealing with this not-so-welcome friend.   

  1. Offer it a nice cup of tea

Your friend is a tea-lover, and a coffee-hater. So, if you have been greeting your Periods with coffee all this while, it might have been acting all “crampy” with you. So remember, next time it visits you, welcome it with some herbal tea.

During periods, your uterus undergoes shedding of its natural lining, which happens through the contraction of uterine muscles. These contractions lead to the constriction of blood vessels that supply blood to uterus, and thus cause the pain. Coffee contains caffeine that is known to further stimulate the constriction of blood vessels, thus adding to menstrual cramps. On the other hand, herbal (and not green) teas are caffeine-free and contain many herbs that help relieve your period pains.

  1. Let things go naughty

If you’ve been thinking that periods is all pain and no fun, you just haven’t been introduced to the naughty side of it. Well, to say the least, you’ll experience the lighter side of Periods if you get some action in bed.

It is known that the release of endorphins helps relax the body, induces sleep, and helps relieving period pains. In addition to that, it also helps boost your mood. Having an orgasm leads to the release of endorphins and thus helps you feel much better. Also, while orgasming, your blood flow increases naturally, which in turn helps relieving the cramps. 

  1. Keep it warm and cosy

How much ever evil you might think of Periods, everyone and everything has a delicate and vulnerable side to it. So does periods! It likes to stay warm most of the time and if you help it stay like that, trust us, it will be good to you. 

The pain you experience during periods is majorly due to the contraction of uterine muscles. Applying heat to the abdomen with the help of a heating patch or a regular hot water bottle helps relaxing these muscles, and thus relieves the pain experienced.

  1. Be very conscious of what you’re feeding it

Don't you get along better with people who have the same food habits as you? So, if you are a person who is generally conscious about her diet, likes to keep it balanced, and introduce a lot of greens in her food, chances are you will get along well with Periods.

 Green vegetables are known to contain high amounts of Calcium, Magnesium and many other micronutrients that are considered essential for mediating muscle contractions. Some of them are also known to have mild diuretic effects that cause a reduction in bloating. Include a lot of green vegetables in your meals, consume low-fat or fat-free products, and replace saturated fats found in animal products with unsaturated ones. Good eating habits and a balanced diet help keeping period cramps at bay.

  1. Take it out for an acupuncture session

Just like someone who loves to pamper herself and enjoy a thing or two about relaxing her body, what is enjoyed most by periods is an acupuncture session. So, take some time out to please your friend, and get it some acupuncture therapy.

It is known that there are certain acupuncture points in the body that help regulate blood flow to the abdominal area, and thus lead to relieving of muscle cramps and pain. Getting yourself an acupuncture session from a professional can help relax the nervous system, and help you cope with menstrual cramps.

  1. Make it your exercise partner

You might have been spending your Periods time by staying indoors, cosying up in bed, and preferring to not move out at all. It, however, might have been working against you. Any form of physical activity, brisk walking or gentle exercise can help build a healthy relationship with Periods.  

While you are doing any form of aerobic exercise or physical activity, it directly impacts blood circulation as your body pumps more blood. This, in turns, helps releasing endorphins which lead to the reduction of period cramps and pain.

We sincerely hope all the above tips help you get along with Periods. After all, any friendship takes a little bit of effort! :)

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