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Carmesi Period Cramp Relief Air Activated Heat Patches | Herbal Pain Relief Patches - (Pack of 3)

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We understand the woes of Period Pain. Which is why, we've designed these incredible heat patches that instantly provide relief and ensure that you have a painless period.
  • Instant relief from period pain: Get instant relief from period pain, so you can go about your daily activities uninterrupted.
  • Air-activated heat patches: Powered by air-activated technology, these patches start heating up instantly upon contact with air.
  • Relief for up to 8 hours: The patch heats completely in 5-15 minutes, & can provide relief for up to 8 hours.
  • Super discreet: These patches are incredibly thin and don't show through your clothes - flaunt the tightest of fits with complete ease.
  • Portable: No need to carry bulky hot water bottles. Just stick the patch to your underwear and get pain relief on the go.
  • Safe to use: 100% natural ingredients that heat up naturally on exposure to air
  • Sticks perfectly: The special user-friendly shape of the patch adapts easily to your body and fits perfectly.

Iron, Salt, Water, Activated Carbon, Moisture Absorber, Vermiculite

  • Tear Open the Wrapper: The outer wrapper has to be torn open and the release paper peeled off from the back of the patch.
  • Stick it to the Inside of the Underwear: The sticky side of the patch has to be stuck to the inside of the underwear because that’s the side that provides the heat.
  • Wait for 5-15 Minutes: The period cramp relief patch takes about 5 to 15 minutes to heat up completely.
  • Use for up to 8 Hours: It’ll give you up to 8 hours of relief

Dispose of it Normally After Use: After you are done using the period pain patch, dispose of it normally with other household waste.

Sanitary hygiene essentials are very intimate and delicate for any woman, and ensuring the sanctity of our products is paramount to us. We consider any returned goods compromised in quality, and therefore do not accept returns. However, should you be facing any issue with the product, we would be glad to assist you with it.

What is Carmesi Cramp-Relief Heat Patch?

The Cramp-Relief Heat Patch has been designed to soothe period pain. It works like a hot water bag and eases period pain caused due to cramps. The period pain patch contains a lot more natural ingredients instead of just water and starts heating itself as soon as it is taken out from its sealed wrapper and heats completely in 5-15 minutes. It can provide relief for up to 8 hours.

How to use Carmesi Cramp-Relief Heat Patch?

Tear open the outer wrapper and peel off the release paper.

Stick the sticky side of the period cramp-relief patch to the inside of your underwear.

It may take about 5-15 minutes for the heat patch to heat completely.

After use, dispose of normal household waste.

Note: The sticky side has to be stuck to the inside of the undergarment and not on the skin.

How many Heat Patches are there in one pack?

One box of Carmesi Cramp-Relief Heat Patch contains 3 patches.

What is inside the Carmesi Cramp-Relief Heat Patch?

Carmesi Cramp-Relief contains all natural and biodegradable ingredients. The list is as follows:




Activated Carbon

Moisture Absorber


For how long can one heat patch be used?

Carmesi Cramp-Relief Heat Patch stays hot for up to 8 hours.

What is the maximum temperature of the heat patch?

The highest temperature that the period pain patch can reach is 52 degree Celsius.

Why choose a Cramp-Relief Heat Patch over a hot water bag?

A period cramp relief patch is much more convenient to use in comparison to a hot water bag.

You need not to bother about refilling or reheating the patch.

It's portable and travel-friendly as well.

You need not to bother about leakage or spill with a Cramp-Relief, unlike a hot water bag.

Its user-friendly design makes it fit in so well that it covers the area exactly where the need is.

You need not keep holding it to keep it in place. You can easily do your daily activities and still have it on.

How often can the heat patch be used?

It is recommended to give a gap of 2-3 hours before using another patch, once you have already used one. Also, we suggest not to put the other patch at the same spot you had put the last patch on and change the location a bit.

How to dispose of the heat patch?

All the ingredients inside the cover are natural and biodegradable. They can be added to the compost. However, the cover and pouch have to be discarded as dry waste.

When not to use the heat patch?

Do not use the Heat Patch:

If your doctor does not recommend its usage for your condition.

If the Heat Patch is torn or damaged.

On broken or sensitive skin.

If you are not capable of applying and removing the Heat Patch yourself.

With other forms of heat, including/such as electric heat.

While sleeping.

Continuously on the same location, unless advised by a doctor.

If you are diabetic/have circulatory disorder/nerve damage.

On areas of bruising or swelling that may have occurred within 24 hours.

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Maithili Patil

Period Cramp Relief Air Activated Heat Patches | Herbal Pain Relief Patches - (Pack of 3)

Nishitha V
No heat experienced

Hey, so basically it shud be stuck like an pad only right? I wore it for an hour but yet it was not heating.


Works wonderfully for period cramps


Works wonderfully