Ancient Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

Ancient Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

You must’ve read it all by now. You probably follow some of those methods, too. Like using a hot water bottle to relax your muscles. Or drinking Green Tea to calm your nerves. But what you’ll read here are period-care methods that span from ancient pain relief remedies to present modern-day tricks! Let’s begin.

Ancient Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

- Do you like Oriental food? Because believe it or not, noodles are the best food to have if you’re facing immense period-cramps. But you must make them like the ancient Chinese women did. Just boil a bowl of noodles and leave it out overnight so the noodles absorb all the water completely. The next morning, pick out a few fresh Basil leaves and boil them in clean water. Add this water to the noodles and let it cool. Eat the preparation before you brush your teeth so that the nutrients in these noodles soothe your digestive track, thus relieving the cramps.

- The next one is a practice developed by the Gond women, a tribal group from Central India. This method will ensure that you never complain of fatigue and breast-pains during menstruation. The trick? Pour some Jasmine oil in your belly button a day before your expected period date. The belly button is more than just the annoying place where lint from your shirts escapes like a fugitive, to be found by your partner at the most inappropriate moment. But for this method to work, you have to really believe that it does. 

- This next method is nothing short of a miracle. Just take five minutes out of your busy schedule every alternate day and do this one simple exercise. Stand up and stretch out your arms ninety degrees upwards. Now slowly breathe in, and bend your knees in a sitting position while counting to ten. Hold the position for three seconds. Then stand back up and bend down to touch the floor, such that your palms are laid flat against the ground. Stretch your left leg out, and exhale. Rise back up and repeat with right leg. Do not attempt this if you are pregnant. And do not exhale till your leg is stretched out so that your abdomen does not feel any pressure.

- If exercise is not your thing, not to worry. For all the lazy bums out there, this is the easiest instant remedy to relieve menstrual cramps. Just slice a ginger in half and rub it over your abdomen in circular motion till the juice dries up. Then lie down and count to ten. Repeat with the second half of the ginger and continue lying down!

- Talk to your Uterus. Seriously! Talking out loud and letting your body parts know how you feel can trigger your brain's sensory receptors and calm the aching muscles. Think of it like couple's therapy, but with your body.

-You will absolutely LOVE this last method. Ever heard of sugar therapy? It involves stuffing your face with the sweetest delicacies you can find. Sweet, eh! But make sure your dessert is made with Brown Sugar and not White. Because white sugar can aggravate your cramps and lead to erratic mood swings.

We sure hope you try out these methods when the PMS monsters knock on your doors next. And while you’re at it, share them with your girlfriends, too! And make sure you do it today. After all, April Fool’s comes only once a year. ;)

P.S. Happy April Fool’s Day, you beautiful Goddesses!

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