Bruised Cervix: Pain, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Bruised Cervix: Pain, Symptoms and Treatment Options

A bruised cervix is not a common injury. However, you must be aware of the intricacies involved and know how to identify a bruised cervix in case it occurs. The pain is sometimes excruciating and the appropriate knowledge about it will help in preventing it. From symptoms to preferred treatment methods to preventive measures- we have covered everything in this article.


Under what circumstances is your cervix bruised?

The cervix is located atop the vagina. When you indulge in rigorous sexual intercourse, a deeper penetration sometimes hits the cervix. In such a case, you may sustain a cervix injury, causing it to bruise. In such a scenario, the cervix muscle becomes tender. Having a bruised cervix has got to do with your sexual engagement, be it the position or intensity. Since it is a part located inside your body and above the vagina, penetration is the only plausible condition wherein it has the chance of occurrence. The cervix is what separates the vagina and the uterus. It is basically a mechanism to check what’s entering and exiting the vagina. Hence, it is sensitive and you must avoid every scope of bruising it.


How do you know that you have a bruised cervix?

The pain of a bruised cervix is not always the same and it depends on how much bruising has occurred within the vagina. Not everybody feels the same level of pain. Some people are also more tolerant than others and thus, the degree of the pain varies. Women who suffer from cervix bruising may have cramps. They may also feel nausea. Some women have reported having acute pain inside their bodies. If you already have a bruised cervix, then intercourse becomes a very painful activity.

Some other symptoms of a bruised cervix are as follows-

  •   Bleeding, or spotting
  •   Vomiting
  •   Nausea
  •   Backache

Although these symptoms are short-lived, if these stay for a longer duration, then you might have a different issue altogether. You must visit your doctor immediately in such a case.


What can you do if you have a bruised cervix?

A bruised cervix need not be treated right away. In fact, it will heal automatically under normal circumstances. Since it is not an injury that’s going to stay, letting it heal by itself is the safest option. If you feel that the pain is unbearable, then you can always go for some over-the-counter medication for your pain. For any other concerns that you have, visit your doctor and see what he/ she has to say. Since the cervix is a sensitive spot, you must always get checks to negate the possibility of any other infection.

Sitting on a soft surface and cushioning your seating also helps if you have a bruised cervix. Make sure that you wear comfortable clothes and let your pelvic, breathe. Have as little pressure as possible on your abdomen. A bruised cervix generally takes a few days to heal. Avoiding intercourse is advised till you recover fully. Below are some precautionary measures you should take in this regard-

  • Be aware of the positions of your intercourse. Choose positions that do not involve the chances of bruising your cervix
  • Use enough lubrication to avoid dryness while having sex
  • Indulge in active foreplay. It is important that your muscles relax while you indulge in sex so that it is fully ready for intercourse
  • Maintain an active communication channel with your partner. Talk about what you both like, what could be risky, and keep your partner in the loop in case you face any injury

When is the right time to visit a doctor ?

Visit a doctor if you experience any of the conditions below-

  •     If the pain is excruciating
  •     If your pregnancy test is positive
  •     In case you have an IUD insertion and you feel you’ve bruised your cervix while having sex, then visit your doctor immediately to check whether the IUD is in the appropriate position
  •     If the bruise occurs because of sexual assault
  •     If the pain lasts more than 7 days
  •     If the bleeding is more than the normal quantity
  •     If spotting/ clotting is unusual

Who is more prone to have a bruised cervix?

Well, there is no definite answer to this. Since it is caused due to penetration, so anyone who indulges in vaginal penetration or is a victim of sexual assault can develop a bruised cervix. Another point to note is that the distance between the cervix and the vaginal opening is roughly 3-7 inches. During intercourse, the vagina stretches naturally to enable smooth penetration. Hence, the size of the penis or the object that one uses for vaginal pleasure has a role to play. Women, whose vagina is shallower in comparison to the normal size are more prone to a bruised cervix. Women who are trying to conceive are also more exposed to this bruising. Conditions like cervical ectropion also make women more susceptible to cervix bruising.

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