Do teens need a period kit?

Do Teens Need a Period Kit | First Period Kit


Remember Your First Period? 

What do you remember about your first period? The nerves, the panic or that constant feeling of unease as you felt blood dripping from beneath? The first time you start bleeding is an important milestone and will always be a memorable exercise. And while many of us may wonder how different our first period experience could turn out to be, had you been better prepared to deal with this eventuality, nonetheless, you can still help other girls, who are at the cusp of attaining womanhood by ensuring that they are ready for periods. The best way to do so is to prepare a ‘period kit’ for them. But what is a period kit? And do teens really need them? 

What is a Period Kit and When Do You Need it?  

A period kit is a small bag or a pouch that has all the things one may need when they strike for the first time. It is essentially filled with items that they may need, if aunt Flo finally decides to pay a visit. The pouch can be kept inside their school bag, gym bag or even inside the locker and has period necessities to help them through this day. 

It helps young girls understand their first period by providing them with adequate period solutions for most period problems like a soiled underwear or how to place your pad to ensure easy adaptation in the process of menstruation. The time to buy a period kit arises when your young child: 

  • Grows breasts 
  • Has ingrown pubic hair 
  • Has started eliminating white discharge 


Why is a Menstrual Kit Important for Teens? 

Period Kits are made by mothers for young daughters, in order to aid the process of their first menstrual cycle outside home. 

  • Teenagers stress a lot about their first period. From getting worried about when it will start, to what happens if one doesn’t realize it has started, they are worried about starting their periods in the middle of the day and being unprepared for what to do next. 
  • These first period kits help teens calm their nerves, because they know that they are always ready, in case it happens. 
  • Menstruation is a huge deal and to be made fun of because they have period smudge on the back of their dresses is probably humiliating for them. 
  • So, keeping them equipped for this also has a long-lasting impact on how they deal with menstruation and perceive themselves in the long run. 


What Should You Include in a Period Kit? 

Period kits should act like a replacement guide for your daughter or younger siblings when you are not there. Therefore, including the following things will make the period kit list whole and effective: 

  • Sanitary Pads
  • This is a no brainer. But which sanitary pads should we include? Well, include a long, durable, soft shield sanitary pad that won’t cause rashes or itchiness. The teens will be experiencing a lot of discomfort as it is and worrying them about possible rashes shouldn’t be one of them. 

    Also, remember since this is their first time and an adult may not be there for them during this process, try not to include a tampon or a menstrual cup, since these two period care alternatives need a certain learning curve and it is better if we start simple. 

  • Extra Underwear
  • Considering that they might soil the one they would be currently using, it’s always better to have extra underwear handy.  You can also ask them to throw away the soiled under pant or wrap it in a piece of plastic and get it home to wash. 

  • Literary Guides
  • Information about how to attach your pad to your underwear or how to neatly dispose of your sanitary napkins, might be a good addition to the period kit, as it will help avoid the panic that sets in when one starts menstruating for the first time. Therefore, adding a pictorial representation along with a few tips like safe period solutions to remove stains or numbers to call for a period-related emergency may pose as much needed help for your younger one. 

  • Anything Else? 
  • It may be too soon, but everyone has a different body, so adding a cramp relief patch won’t hurt your child. They may or may not experience cramps, but knowing that they have one ready to use, will be helpful to them. Additionally, putting a hand sanitizer or hand wipes in these kits will ensure hygiene and protection. 

    Period kits are turning out to be extremely helpful for the younger audience, in aiding them with this new milestone. Keeping that in mind, Carmesi has developed a teen period kit that consists of 12 pads in different sizes, along with 20 panty liners, 3 cramp relief heat patches, a pouch and a period handbook. To ensure your teen isn’t nervous, they also include a small surprise gift just to help them through this hard time and bring a smile on their face. So, wait no more, get yours now!


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