Face Roller - Benefits, Risks, How to Do It?

Face Roller - Benefits, Risks, How to Do It?

What is face roller?

A face roller is a dual-ended facial instrument with crystal heads that may be used on both the face and the neck and are used by some people to massage their faces. They typically have a smooth, cold surface and come in a range of materials, including:

  • Crystal (like rose quartz, obsidian, amethyst, jade or the like)
  • Plastic
  • Stainless steel (ice rollers)

Is it a new thing?

A Face Roller, like a Gua Sha, is an old instrument with an old method. Its origins may be traced to ancient China when it was popular among rich Chinese women. According to Ling Chan, a New York facialist who is credited with revitalizing the cosmetic roller fad in the twenty-first century, the Chinese believe that jade pulls out bad qi (pronounced "chi"). In Chinese traditional medicine and martial arts, qi is referred to as a life force.

Jade facial rollers were claimed to have been used in China as early as the 17th century to massage the face and 'eliminate toxins,' soothe inflammation, brighten and tighten the skin, smooth fine wrinkles, erase dark circles, and provide a general sensation of pleasure and satisfaction.

In the early days of beauty blogging, around 2012, you may have discovered bloggers raving about a particular jade roller, which was a far cheaper alternative to its more expensive counterparts. However, the popularity of jade rollers has risen in recent years, thanks in part to word of mouth and the power of reviews on various blogs and vlogs, as well as a significantly lower price tag.


Face roller benefits

Face rollers are said to provide a multitude of benefits for the skin and a person's general health. While there isn't a lot of scientific data to support the use of face rollers, there is some indication that they may provide the following advantages.

  • Helps your skin absorb products better - By pressing the skincare product deeper into the skin's layers, jade rollers help it infuse more effectively. This might help the skin absorb the nutrients more effectively. Even though there isn't enough scientific data to back this up, spreading the product uniformly throughout the face makes the application procedure more efficient.
  • Massaging improves blood circulation - The mild pressure used during a massage helps to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, leaving the facial muscles plump and relaxed while also assisting the skin's natural detoxifying process. When you do this frequently, your circulation will improve and a greater quantity of oxygen reaches your skin as a result of improved circulation, giving you a healthy glow.
  • Soothes your skin - If you keep your roller in the fridge or choose a naturally cold stone like jade, it will chill your skin as soon as it comes into touch with it. The advantages of this have yet to be discovered, however, some people may find it enjoyable.
  • May relieve some stress - An previous 2008 research found that face massage might help some people feel less anxious. Using facial rollers as part of your regular skincare routine may help to reduce stress and relax face muscles while also acting as a form of self-care.
  • Works to reduce inflammation and puffiness - By encouraging lymphatic drainage, rolling may also help to reduce puffiness and irritation. Although some studies have connected this sort of massage to reduced swelling and redness, additional study is needed to establish a relationship between facial rollers and reduced puffiness and inflammation in the face.


But, does it have any visible effects on improved skin elasticity?

While there is no clear correlation between using a face roller and improved skin elasticity, there is some evidence that it may have anti-ageing benefits.

Many of the influencers who extol the glories of facial rollers also claim that the gadget aids in the penetration of their moisturizers, lotions, masks and serums. Massage does, at the least, enhance blood circulation, so it's plausible that massaging helps the skin absorb any substance.

According to a study conducted in 2017, women who applied an anti-ageing cream with a vibrating massage device had greater effects in eliminating fine lines than women who applied it with their bare hands. The reason for the results aren’t very clear, but this may be due to the fact that a vibrating massage with a face roller may help the anti-ageing product penetrate your skin better, thus resulting in improved skin elasticity.


How do you go about using a face roller?

It is fairly easy to use a facial roller if you follow the steps below:

  • Moisturize - Apply a slick facial oil, serum, or moisturizer on your face. If you don't use any lubricant, the instrument might pull or tug at your skin, which can cause wrinkles.
  • Roll up - Start at your neck and roll upward, not back and forth, for the best benefits.
  • Lower face - Apply mild pressure from your jawline to your ear on both sides and this motion may be carried out all the way from your jaw to your cheekbone.
  • Upper face - Roll up from your brow to your hairline, just in an upward manner, with the same mild pull you'd apply with your hands to keep your skin taut and wrinkle-free. If you have a headache, roll flat across your brows horizontally, which may feel soothing.


Are there any risks you should worry about?

It’s generally safe to use a facial roller, but there does exist certain risks and precautions associated with them that you should know about:

  • Botox and fillers - If you use a face roller within 48 hours after getting Botox or filler, you risk massaging the Botox into unexpected places or altering the form of the filler.
  • Sharing your rollers - Sharing rollers is never very sanitary, but it becomes critical in the event of a pandemic since the virus may survive longer on cold surfaces.

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