Fearlessly You

Fearlessly You

 When I use the word ‘fearless’, I do not imply it as the absolute absence of fear, its literal meaning. I rather think of it as the ability to acknowledge its existence with the belief to move past it. Fearlessness is the feeling of approving of oneself, when the world may have a thousand reasons to validate the otherwise. It is a sense of pride and self-sufficiency that completes the incomplete within you.

The fearless you does not hide yourself or shudder at the thought of uprooting the conventions that should no longer exist. It goes out to challenge those norms that have crippled us through the ages. So, set out on a journey of believing in yourself and everything that feels right in your heart. Because nothing in the world can be set right unless you have your bet on it.

Love yourself and your body, find beauty and own everything about it. Filter out the negativity and explore reasons to feel good about yourself. Take pride in what you do and are capable of. Never give anyone the power to belittle you or make you doubt yourself. It’s important to first recognize the strength you possess before shining it upon the world.

This goes out to all the women who have stood up for themselves and let the world know who they are. To all of you who have faced criticism and embarrassment but have only got stronger in the process. This is to losing but not giving up. And to what unites us together - the dauntless spirit of making this world a better place for all women.

Tanvi Johri
Co-founder, Elize

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