How Does The Sun Affect Your Skin Post Shaving?

How Does The Sun Affect Your Skin Post Shaving?

Gone is the era where shaving was a manly activity. The idea of sporting a beard or overgrown facial hair is not keenly appreciated by the female community specifically resulting in an uproar of facial razors or other facial shaving tactics. But what if we said that holding off shaving this summer can potentially decrease your chances of sunburn, tan, and hyperpigmentation caused by the sun?

Why Must One Avoid Sunlight After Shaving?

It is specifically important in summers that we take care of our skin to avoid these conditions so shaving off your hair and essentially cutting off the count on the natural protection offered by your hair can be dangerous for your skin. 

This is because you have exfoliated the top layer of your skin and shaved skin is generally lighter and more sensitive to the sun’s rays. It can also cause your skin further stress in addition to the usage of a razor. So, here are certain quick tips on how you can avoid getting sunburned or tanned and still have those beach legs for this summer. 

Tips On How To Avoid Sunlight After Shave 

Facial hair certainly can help you prevent getting sunburned or tanned up to a certain extent however, the results depend on the length and density of the facial hair and the angle of the sun. So even when you shave, there are certain ways of avoiding sun damage. 

  • Use A Moisturizer: 
Applying a thick layer of moisturizer on your skin can provide you with good protection from the harmful sun’s rays. It will keep your skin barrier intact and make sure UVA or UVB radiation doesn’t penetrate inside your skin. 
  • Apply A Sunscreen: 
Perhaps the golden rule for summers should be to not forget your sunscreen. It is a good rule to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50 or 60. Us a broad-spectrum sunscreen that will give you protection against both UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Additionally, if you sweat occasionally make sure to reapply your sunscreen because sweat will make you lose more sunscreen. 
  • Carry Aloe Vera Gel:
For those recently shaved faces, aloe vera gel is the best soothing agent. The same applies to sunburns or tans. Basically, it is your two-in-one solution to beat the crazy summer heat. Not only will it helo soothe red inflamed skin but also cool your hot skin thereby healing sunburns and adding moisture to your skin.
  • Use Sun-Safe Products:
Make sure your moisturizers, shaving creams, and other shaving essentials are sun safe. Use a specific sun product for shaved skin, which should be applied both before sun exposure and during exposure with a certain frequency, especially if the formula is not water-resistant. Use a shaving cream that is sun-safe so you don’t end up with razor burns on your skin. 
  • Dress Up:
Perhaps the perfect way of ensuring that your skin doesn’t crisp up under the scorching heat is to simply make sure that you wear full-sleeved dresses and wear accessories like hats and goggles, especially after a fresh shave. Give your skin a day’s time to settle down and then wear your summer wear so that it's not your raw, smooth skin burning up. 

How Long To Avoid The Sun After Shaving? 

It is recommended to avoid the sun for a whole day after shaving your skin. This is why we heavily recommend shaving your face at night so that your skin can rest for 8 hours or more before stepping into the sun. You can also shave the day before your big event avoids going in the sun for the whole day and keep applying some aloe vera gel to the area to cool it down and moisturize it. 

All in all, facial shaving is a great option in the summers to get that glowing, beachy look. So as long as you know how to take care of it and make sure the sun doesn’t cause extra harm, you are ready for the beach-y weather.

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