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Ways to Fold the Menstrual Cup | 5 Different Ways

Why Should We Use a Menstrual Cup? 

A menstrual cup is a period care alternative product, as compared to other traditional products like tampons and sanitary napkins. It is designed like a bell-shaped cup and collects period blood, instead of absorbing it. They are sustainable in the longer run, meaning that one cup can last up to 7-8 years and can cause a positive impact on the environment. But, since you have clicked on this article, we are guessing that you have already made up your mind to make the switch to a menstrual cup. And of course, with the due course of this switch, comes the complex part of learning how to use a menstrual cup. The know-how of a menstrual cup is crucial before you take the leap. It’s a complex process that involves a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it’s just as easy as changing your underwear.


Different Ways to Fold Menstrual Cup

The process of using a menstrual cup is as easy as removing, cleaning and inserting the menstrual cup, but it’s the part of insertion that intimidates most women. Thereupon, let’s take a look at some of the ways for menstrual cup folds in order to help with the process of inserting it in the right manner.

  • The “C” fold:
    • This is perhaps the most common and widely used fold to insert a menstrual cup in your vagina.
    • You can do it with just one hand and quite quickly, so it is best suited for people with a little experience. 
    • This can pop open quite quickly or may still be a little wide to insert and hence, is not advisable for beginners to try this out on their first couple of tries.
    • To achieve this fold, one needs to flatten the cup between the first two fingers and the thumb, then gently use your forefinger to push the sides of the cup together and pinch it using the other two fingers. 

  • The punch down fold:
    • This menstrual cup fold has perhaps the smallest insertion points and can work brilliantly, if you are a beginner or have a small vagina.
    • It is quick to do, so if you aren’t great at insertion and are in a rush, this is the fold you should try.
    • To do it, place your index finger on the outer rim of the cup, then push it down and pinch the cup in that position. Once the cup is inserted, give a slight push at the base to open the cup completely. 

  • The origami fold:
    • Who thought inserting a menstrual cup could be a work of art? The origami fold menstrual cup isn’t as complicated as it sounds and this fold requires oneself to place the index finger over the right side of the rim of the cup and push it down halfway to the base.
    • Then take the right corner of the cup and fold it down towards the left side of the base.
    • This fold has a small insertion point and is great for people having difficulty in insertion. Since it requires some practice, it is not advisable for beginners but, once you get a hang of it, it’s a great technique. 

  • The “7” and double 7 fold:
    • The menstrual cup 7 fold basically is flattening the cup between your fingers and taking one end of the cup and folding that towards the stem, in such a way, that it looks like a 7.
    • The double 7, however, uses the same technique of making the cup look like a 7 and then also asks the user to take the other upright corner and do the same method of folding it towards the stem on the other side.
    • Both these folds release a lot easier once inside the vagina and also have smaller insertion points as compared to the C fold. 

  • The “S” fold: 
    • This is definitely the fold for people who face issues with insertion, but is also a little complicated. Beginners or people in a rush, should stay away from this fold and try it out when you have time and some experience.
    • For trying this fold, first put your fingers together to flatten the cup and then form an S-shape by pushing one corner towards you and one away from you, voila! Voila! There you have it, the S-shaped fold. 


    To use period products that are eco-friendly, along with being comfortable and made of quality-products, you can try Carmesi’s menstrual cups. They are made from biocompatible medical grade silicone, which is designed specifically for easy insertion and removal. They are also recommended by gynecologists, since they have no irritants, toxic chemicals, artificial perfumes or dyes in them. For a hassle-free period, you can use these cups by trying whatever fold suits your style and forget about leaks and spills. 

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