How to Make Your Hair Smell Good? - Tips to Make Your Hair Smell Amazing

How to Make Your Hair Smell Good? - Tips to Make Your Hair Smell Amazing

Everyone likes their hair to smell nice, but many factors can add to a pungent-smelling head. Maybe you smell a great shampoo sometimes and wonder why your hair can’t smell exactly like that? 

Or, you want to feel irresistible while sitting close to someone, confident that your hair exudes fragrance? Before you dive into the secrets of wonderful smelling hair, let’s find out what makes your hair smelly in the first place!


What can make your hair smell bad?

Natural oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells are frequently the sources of the odour. Because the skin on your scalp generates perspiration and contains oil glands, it's comparable to the skin on your body, so any buildup of sebum and sweat creates a breeding ground for germs. Here's what's driving the oil overproduction and how to deal with it:

  • Not washing enough - Shampooing every one to two days will assist keep your sebum levels in check if your hair is very fine or your scalp's skin is too greasy. Remember that greasy hair clings on to grime, perspiration, and particles, even with strong, coarse stands that can withstand the delay.
  • Over washing - Washing too much with the incorrect products, just like not shampooing enough, may create hair problems. Over-stripping of strands will occur if you use shampoos with high detergent loading on a regular basis. While you may want perfectly clean hair, your scalp compensates by producing more oil.
  • Hormonal reasons - Anxiety and stress can disrupt hormonal functions in the body, resulting in increased oil production and scalp discomfort.
  • Your diet - It's no surprise that certain meals don't mix well with your skin and that their aroma virtually seeps out of pores. Strong-smelling foods, such as garlic, cumin, onion and curry, contain oils that can be expelled via the skin, including your scalp's surface.
  • Sweat - Sweat is one of the most prevalent causes of odorous hair. Sweat can build up on the scalp if you work out a lot and don't wash your hair on a regular basis.


So, how do you make your hair smell amazing?

Now that you know what causes your hair to smell funny, let’s find out how to make it smell great!

  • Wash your hair at proper intervals - Natural oils, particularly if you have oily hair, can build up and result in a not-so-great scent. In addition to your hair’s natural oils, dirt, pollution, debris and other environmental filth can also build up on your strands. A consistent shampoo and conditioner can purify oily roots and hydrate dry lengths for hair that looks beautifully fresh and clean from root to tip.
  • Keep your pillowcase clean - You go to sleep each night and in turn transfer oils from your mane to your pillowcase which is bound to add up over time. If you’re consistently sleeping on dirty pillowcases, good smelling hair may not be a reality, so be sure to keep it clean.
  • Try a hair perfume - This hair treatment is designed to give your hair a pleasant scent without weighing it down or harming it. Spritz a little hair perfume on your hairbrush and run it through your mane. It has a long-lasting aroma and is meant to hydrate and nurture your hair.
  • Invest in dry shampoo - Dry shampoo can be used to absorb oils that could cause an unpleasant odour. Simply spray it on your roots, rub it in with your fingertips, and let it sit for a few minutes. Make a bun or a ponytail with your hair to allow the dry shampoo to absorb any oil on your scalp.
  • Try a leave-in conditioner or serum - To get rid of odours and make your hair smell nice, use leave-in conditioners, hair creams or serums. It will not only offer a lovely and sweet scent to your hair, but it will also nourish it throughout the day.
  • Spray on some rose water - This not only helps your hair smell wonderful but also moisturizes it. Rosewater can also be used to tame frizzy hair by spraying it on your brush.
  • Add essential oil to your shampoo - Essential oils have a pleasant scent, and you probably have some on hand. To give your hair a longer-lasting aroma, add a few drops of sweet orange, lavender, vanilla, or any other fragrance to your shampoo or conditioner.
  • Go for apple cider vinegar - ACV is an excellent home treatment for removing odours from your hair as well as refreshing them. It also makes your hair smoother and shinier and is cheap and readily available. Use ACV as a hair rinse after diluting it with water and rinse it off with a gentle shampoo.

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