How to Treat Lip Hyperpigmentation? - Causes of Dark Lips

How to Treat Lip Hyperpigmentation? - Causes of Dark Lips

What is lip hyperpigmentation?

If you have often looked into the mirror and wondered why your lips appear unnaturally dark, you’re probably dealing with a condition of lip hyperpigmentation. It occurs as a result of increased melanin deposits in the lip, which can be produced by a variety of factors, according to experts.

Lip colour, like skin tone, varies from person to person and there is no such thing as a healthier hue of skin on the lips. A change in the colour or condition of the lips in some situations may signal that the lips require more attention. It is, however, rarely a reason for alarm.

The good news is, regardless of the root cause, lip hyperpigmentation can be corrected through several solutions - both in-home and at-clinic.


What are the probable causes of dark lips?

There can be a variety of reasons why you may have dark, hyperpigmented lips:

  • Pregnancy - During pregnancy, some women may notice changes in their skin, which is related to fluctuating hormone levels in the body. Darker spots may appear on your lips, nipples, forehead, cheeks, or nose.
  • Excessive sun exposure - When skin is exposed to the sun, the body produces melanin to absorb UV radiation, protecting the skin from some of the harm that the sun may do. However, this also causes the skin on your lips and other parts of your body to tan.
  • Smoking tobacco - Tobacco smoke contains nicotine and benzpyrene, which can stimulate melanin formation in the skin, darkening the lips. This is something that normally happens over time rather than all at once.
  • Certain medications - Some drugs might produce hyperpigmentation, but after the prescription is finished, the skin should revert to its normal colour. Nonetheless, hyperpigmentation may remain in certain people.
  • Some medical conditions - Hyperpigmentation can be caused by a variety of medical conditions, such as Addison's disease, which occurs when the immune system prevents the adrenal gland from producing enough vital hormones. Dark lips are one of the indications of this illness. Hyperpigmented lips can also be caused by cyanosis, a disorder that occurs when your blood lacks adequate oxygen. Your lips will turn blue or purple in an indication of the oxygen supply cut off.


What are the possible lip hyperpigmentation remedies?

There are many possible lip hyperpigmentation remedies to choose from when it comes to a desire for lightening your lip colour:

  • Keep your lips hydrated - One of the greatest methods to take care of your skin is to drink enough water because one of the first regions of the body to seem dry and parched is the lips.
  • Stop licking your lips - If you lick your lips frequently, this might be the source of your hyperpigmentation. People who lick their lips too often may have hyperpigmentation as a result of skin irritation.
  • Try homemade honey or lemon masks - Exfoliating the lips gently might aid in the removal of dead skin cells. You can make a mask with honey and ground sugar or lemon and ground sugar to gently massage in circular motions. But, make sure to use lemon with caution since it’s acidic in nature. You may end up with irritated lips instead of soft, pigmentation-free ones.
  • Massage your lips with oils - Massage oil into the lips to hydrate and stimulate circulation. Lips have blood veins that give them colour, and stroking them can increase blood flow to the region. As a natural cure for dry lips, use a high-quality almond or coconut oil several times a day, gently applying the oil to your lips. Within a day or two, the results should be obvious when using this method.
  • Use only natural lip balms - It’s always better to use natural lip balms with no toxic ingredients. If you’re adept, you can even attempt to make your own lip balm at home with a base and completely organic ingredients.
  • Try a laser treatment - If you want to see improvements quickly, consider laser treatments that remove melanin overproduction rather than simply treating it topically. Laser treatments that precisely target melanin pigment work wonders on the lips. The lips lighten to their natural colour once the darker melanin is removed.


Bottom line

Dark lips are typically not a symptom of an underlying health condition unless the colour has changed over time, and thus, the lightness or darkness of your lips is often a personal aesthetic choice. If you have lip hyperpigmentation, there are a variety of natural home remedies, in-office treatments, and behaviour adjustments that can help you lighten your lips.

Before deciding on a treatment, see your doctor since they can assist you in determining the best alternatives and detecting any underlying causes of your darker lip pigmentation, which may then be addressed.

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