There are Major Health Benefits When You Masturbate on Your Period

There are Major Health Benefits When You Masturbate on Your Period

Feeling horny on your period is common and, no matter what you’ve been taught, your period blood is nothing to be grossed out about! Masturbation, or self-pleasure, is completely normal and enjoyable, and is a great way to explore your sexual desires.

But, unfortunately, taboos around menstruation can create a mental block when it comes to touching yourself during your period. While in general, it can be messier, the mess is no reason to stay away from exploring your body because there are ways to go around it!

So, without further ado, let’s dive into all about period masturbation.


Is period masturbation okay?

Due to social stigma surrounding menstruation, and generally considering the blood dirty, some people may have concerns about masturbating while on their period. But, to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with solo play during your period and menstrual blood isn’t harmful or dangerous.

In fact, masturbation is the safest way to have sex because it does not entail the fear of pregnancy or STIs. And, once you manage to overcome the shame or discomfort, you’ll notice that it will probably be more fun than normal masturbation because your libido may be higher during this time and you may also be more sensitive down there.


Are there any health benefits?

Absolutely! Masturbation in general has a lot of health benefits and so does masturbating on your period.

  • Relieves cramps - Orgasming releases endorphins, which are hormones that help ease your pain. On your period, these endorphins can relieve your cramps and thus ease period pain.
  • Improves sleep - In a particular 2019 study, it was found that orgasms had a beneficial effect on a person’s sleep, especially those from masturbation. Since period can affect your sleep cycle, masturbating can help regulate it.
  • May shorten your cycle - This isn’t proven, but there’s a hypothesis that masturbation or sex contracts your uterus and helps dispel the lining faster, thereby possibly shortening your cycle.
  • Boosts your mood - Since masturbation releases many happy hormones like dopamine or serotonin, it can help improve your mood and combat period blues in the process.
  • Relieves headaches - Period headaches are a nuisance for many and orgasms can also help relieve headaches for the same reason that they relieve cramps.


So, how do you go about masturbating when you’re bleeding?

There’s really no right or wrong way to masturbate, even when you’re on your period. You have your own desires, preferences and even boundaries. So, do whatever feels right for you and remember that the real outcome is pleasure.

Nevertheless, here are a few tips to help you go about it:

  • Make peace with the mess - First off, it helps to make peace with the fact that period sex is probably going to be messy. It’s important to remember that there’s nothing wrong or dirty about your blood and it’s totally okay to masturbate during this time.
  • Do it in the shower - Doing it in the shower makes cleaning up easier and also feels less messy. So, it’s a good option for those who are not very comfortable with the fact that you’ll probably have to deal with being bloody and then cleaning up later.
  • If you feel icky, try external stimulation - If you feel icky about your own blood and aren’t too comfortable with getting your hands dirty, you can try stimulating your clitoris and refraining from putting your finger inside so that you don’t get blood on your hands.
  • Make use of toys - Toys are a great way to stimulate yourself and derive pleasure. Using them can also enhance the experience while making sure you don’t get blood on your hands. It can still get messy, though.


How can you minimise the mess?

There are definitely a few things you can do to minimise the mess while you touch yourself to glory during your period.

  • Use an invasive period product - Try using a tampon or a menstrual cup or disc to minimise the mess. Because they sit inside, your blood will not come out and stain your surroundings.
  • Focus on clitoral play - The other way to keep things mess-free is to focus on the external parts like the clitoris. That way, the chances of getting blood on your hands are minimized while the focus remains on pleasure.
  • Put a condom on your toys - If you want to keep your toys from getting bloody, the best thing to do is to put a condom on them before insertion. That way, once you’re done, you can just pull the condom off and throw it away. Cleaning your toy afterwards also becomes easy with this method.


Are there any health risks?

Masturbating while on your period carries no health risk whatsoever. Just make sure to keep your hands and toys clean to minimize the risk of infections and you’re good to go!

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