Flowing Thoughts

Nutrition & Body Positivity
 Our culture is seemingly obsessed with washboard abs and skinny waists that seem too good to be true. These perceived ideals of beauty have taken over our lives, so much so that nutrition and being fit have almost always been ignored.
We all have fond memories of our childhood. My best ones though, come with a pinch of salt. Because as I was growing up, I was constantly mocked and teased by my relatives and teachers about how short I was. Every time I topped my class, or when I was chosen...
Loving your Own Body

Last week, one of my younger male colleagues, recently engaged to be married, asked me if I had received a rose from my husband. I must have looked blank, because he prompted, "today’s Rose Day, you know". Ah… the run up to Valentines’ Day. 

Battle Scars
John Mayer sang 'Your body is a Wonderland' to this gorgeous, twenty-something, porcelain skin, perfectly-shaped damsel. And yes, her body might be Wonderland to him, but you know whose body I think is a Wonderland? Mine.  
More than my ‘Ma’
One of my most vivid and distinct childhood memories is watching my mother take an English lesson for her class at a local elementary school. She conducts the lesson in her bold, confident and genteel manner as all the students...
Ms. Self-doubt & Friends
I feel like a small-little-nothing sometimes. Like my words have no meaning, my thoughts no voice and my life, no direction. I feel as if I am just a puppet, with someone else’ fingers twisting and turning me.
The Spirit of Love
When was the last time that you looked into the mirror and didn’t scowl at your own reflection? At that moustache, that’s visible only to your eyes, or that speckle of red freckles, spread across your nose like a constellation.
Yoga - My gateway to self-love
Two years ago I had the acute realization that my work, both actual and aspiring was following me everywhere. As I strove to outshine at my workplace and make the most of a thriving social circle, soon it felt like a tailspin...